La Marzocco Cafe News: Thank you Seesaw Coffee and Welcome Dapper & Wise

For many of us at La Marzocco, Seesaw Coffee offered something new and unique – the chance to experience coffee from China for the first time. As pioneers for specialty coffee in China, Seesaw is dedicated to educating farmers and improving production methods in Yunnan, while at the same time creating their own unique coffee culture in Shanghai. We are so thrilled that Seesaw has been able to introduce themselves here in the United States and we’re grateful for the opportunity to host them in Seattle.

Not only have we been delighted by their coffee, but also the flavor combinations of their signature drinks and their traditional teas. Founder Tom Zong sent a stellar team to launch Seesaw’s residence. Ray Li, Amelie Wang, Juliet Zhu and Lema Tan – we are so appreciative and we thank you so much!

If you haven’t been by the Cafe to check out Seesaw’s residence, be sure to do so by Monday, December 3! The Cafe will then be closed on Tuesday, December 4.

When we re-open on Wednesday, December 5, it will be to our next Roaster in Residence, Dapper & Wise Coffee Roasters from Portland, Oregon. Dapper & Wise has collaborated with some of their favorite artisans in Portland, so get ready for a holiday season full of beautifully roasted coffee, clever signature drinks and weekly pop-ups that are sure to delight!

Serving tasty, quality coffee is a given at Dapper & Wise, but we love that founders Evan Aldrete and Tyler Geel also focus on fostering JOY, building meaningful relationships, learning and teaching, being nice to everyone and having FUN! Read on for a preview of what they have planned for their residence at the Cafe.

Joy in a Cup

Dapper & Wise has created a drool-worthy menu. Start by tasting the coffee in its purest form – a shot of Ethiopia Shantawene espresso, the Kenya Tambaya AB pour over, a mug of Colombia La Falda batch brew or a velvety cappuccino.

Then, get in the holiday spirit with a specialty drink, or two… here are some we’re eager to try:

Cloudforest MochaCloudforest chocolate, espresso, and steamed milk. Finished with a spritz of orange extract and Angostura bitters.

Spicy Pear Chai – Made with pear juice, freshly-juiced ginger, and steamed milk. The right amount of sweet and spicy!

Double Gold –  Spicy golden milk made with turmeric, ginger, apple, cayenne and steamed milk.

S’mores Mocha – Cloudforest chocolate, espresso and steamed milk topped with a roasted marshmallow and served with a graham cracker sidecar from Nineteen27 S’mores.

The S’mores Mocha will be available week one of Dapper & Wise’s residence, followed by four more weekly-rotating festive drinks throughout the month. Come try them all!

Holiday Calendar

Be sure to add these dates to your calendar! Dapper & Wise is throwing a launch party the first week of their residence (sign up for our Local’s Newsletter to receive an invite), and will be hosting several other fun events and pop ups to keep the festivities going all month long.

Saturday, December 8, 6 – 8 PM, join in as Dapper & Wise hosts a panel-style conversation focused on the cost of coffee production. Light refreshments and coffee will be served. Free and open to all, but please let us know you’re coming.

Saturday, December 15, 12 – 4 PM, Dapper & Wise will be hosting mini latte art classes. Each will be 30 minutes and are designed as an intro to the basics of free-pour latte art. Classes cost $10 each and you must register here.

Saturdays, December 8, 15, 22, 29, 11 AM – 4 PM, Vanessa Schmidt Co. Pop-up. Come meet Portland floral designer Vanessa Schmidt, she’ll be here every Saturday in December making and selling her modern holiday wreaths. Each one is unique, influenced by the season and finished with hand-dyed 100% silk ribbon. Wreaths will be available for sale in the Cafe all month long.

Saturday, December 29, 2 – 6 PM, Late Shake Pop-up. Milkshakes created by Dapper & Wise Coffee Roasters Creative Director, Grahm Doughty. He’ll be serving up his milkshakes that are created using unique, local ingredients and approachable flavor profiles.

Saturday, January 5, 11 AM – 4 PM, Bigwig Donuts Pop-up. Come enjoy donut holes made to order, crispy crusted with sugar on the outside, soft and doughy in the middle. Choose from classic flavors like maple, chocolate and cinnamon sugar.

Head here for more information on these events and pop-ups and be sure to share the cheer with your friends!

Dapper & Wise will be our Roaster in Residence Wednesday, December 5 through Monday, January 7.


La Marzocco Cafe News: Thanks to The Coffee Collective and Welcoming Seesaw Coffee

Part of our mission at the La Marzocco Cafe is to showcase the breadth and diversity of specialty coffee to our guests in Seattle and to those who travel here on their coffee adventures. For the past month, The Coffee Collective from Copenhagen, Denmark has taken residence and in just over a week we will welcome Seesaw Coffee from Shanghai, China. Our hope is that with each Resident, everyone who comes through our door will experience something new and delightful. 

We want to thank The Coffee Collective for sharing their beautiful coffees with us over the past four weeks. To launch their residence, Klaus Thomsen and Callum Hare traveled from Denmark to spend a week in Seattle training our team. We were privileged to see first-hand the passion and precision that goes into every task at The Coffee Collective. Beyond that, we got to know two incredibly humble people who make connecting with and serving others a priority. We are so grateful to Klaus and Callum and everyone at The Coffee Collective who played a part in creating this residence.

To experience The Coffee Collective’s Scandinavian take on coffee, be sure to head to the La Marzocco Cafe by Monday, October 29.

On Tuesday, October 30 we will welcome Seesaw Coffee from Shanghai, China as our next Roaster in Residence!


In addition to being a country we have never featured before at the La Marzocco Cafe, China is an emerging origin in the specialty coffee scene – even being selected as the portrait country during the 2018 Specialty Coffee Association Expo. Seesaw will be the first coffee from China that most of our team has tasted, so we’re delighted to have this unique experience and to be able to offer it to our Seattle guests as well!

Seesaw Coffee was founded by Tom Zong who began his career as an engineer for Dell, then went on to begin an architecture and design company. Tom wanted to create something though, that spoke to a new generation of consumers in China, and thus began Seesaw Coffee, a company that in his own words, “celebrates individuality and a curiosity for the uncommon.”

Photo credit:

“Seesaw is China’s pioneer and leader in specialty coffee, headquartered in Shanghai. With roots in Yunnan, the heartland of China’s coffee producing region, Seesaw is at the forefront of China’s specialty coffee movement, providing unique coffee experiences to communities across 25 stores. Founded in 2012, the business has doubled every year, a testament to the company’s unrelenting pursuit for quality and excellence. It is the largest and most active roaster and retailer in the Yunnan coffee region; the team is almost halfway through a ten-year project to transform Yunnan into a major specialty coffee region.” –Seesaw Coffee

To read more about Tom Zong, his big plans for Seesaw Coffee and the growing specialty coffee movement in China, head here.

Menu Highlights

Seesaw’s menu will highlight coffee from the province of Yunnan in China that is processed in three different ways – washed, honey and natural. Each one has its own distinct flavor profile and will be available to taste individually or side-by-side as pour over for the duration of the residence. For espresso, Seesaw blends the three together to create their signature 3 Brothers blend, which can be enjoyed alone or in the milk-based drinks on the menu.

Three signature drinks that celebrate nostalgic flavors and traditional ingredients have been created for Seesaw’s residence:

Baby’s Breath – Ethiopia Idido espresso shaken with ice, milk, and Yakult until thick & frothy, then strained and topped with green peppercorn and ground Sichuan pepper. This drink is Seesaw’s throwback to childhood when Yakult, a sweet and tangy milk, is enjoyed by children.

Hem & Haw – Osmanthus-infused cold-brewed Kenya AB coffee shaken with ice and cranberry juice, strained over ice, and served with a small packet of Hawthorn flakes. Osmanthus is a flower used throughout East Asia for its intensely sweet scent and flavor, and hawthorn flakes come from the fruit of the Chinese hawthorn. These ingredients, combined with the fruit-forward Kenyan coffee, make this a sweet and complex drink.

The Meet-Up – A blend of Rooibos tea and Ethiopia Idido coffee are extracted espresso-style into a tea cup, then sweetened with coffee flower honey and topped with textured milk. To Seesaw, this warm, comforting drink is an homage to growing up and the ability to appreciate the coming together of unexpected ingredients.    

Seesaw also has a selection of fine teas offered on their menu:

Dancong or “Flower of Oolong” – Dancong is a family of oolong teas originating from Guangdong Province in China. Known for their ability to naturally imitate the flavors and fragrances of various flowers and fruits, this Dancong has notes of chrysanthemum and magnolia.

Dianhong or “Dragon Eye” – A well-rounded black tea with notes of longan (a tropical fruit) and honey and a finish that follows you long after the tea is gone. What separates Dianhong and other black teas is the large number of fine leaf buds known as “golden tips” present in the dried tea. The tea brews a golden color with a sweet fragrance.

Jiu Qu Hong Mei or “Red Mountain Plum” – A full-bodied black tea. When infused, it has a bright reddish hue and notes of ripe berries, plums and figs. This tea has a rich, nearly 200-year history and is the boldest of the bunch.

Upcoming Events

Come meet the Seesaw team on Thursday, November 1 during their launch party – Tasting China: from Tea to Coffee.

From 4 – 6 PM, Seesaw team members will host three stations set up for guests to move continuously through, beginning with a tea tasting and a Yunnan coffee tasting. These two will be paired with traditional Chinese snacks. The final station will be a tasting of tea and coffee together in one of Seesaw’s signature drinks, the Meet-up.

At 6 PM, led by Ray Li, Head of Operations, the team will present Seesaw’s history and share how coffee is emerging in a traditionally tea-drinking country, focusing on what coffee means to China and to Seesaw.

Then on Friday morning, November 2, Ray Li will host our Friday Coffee Tasting at 10 AM. He’ll take us through a tasting of each Yunnan coffee on the menu as well as a traditional Yunnan tea tasting.

Head here for more info on these events, and we hope to see you there!

La Marzocco Cafe News: Thank you Equator Coffees & Teas and Welcoming The Coffee Collective

It has been a joy having Equator Coffees & Teas as our Roaster in Residence at the La Marzocco Cafe over the past month! Through their events, tastings and networking opportunities, they offered not only an enticing coffee menu, but opportunities for our community to connect and mingle as well. Creating genuine community in each neighborhood they place a cafe is a strong focus for Equator as a company – and we truly appreciate their effort in treating their residence here in Seattle the same.

One final public event with Equator is happening Tuesday, September 18 from 7 – 9 pm at the La Marzocco Cafe – an evening open to all, where the roles of several women currently working in the coffee industry will be discussed and explored.

We want to thank Equator’s Founders, Helen Russell and Brooke McDonnell and VP of Operations Maureen McHugh, along with the many passionate people at Equator Coffees & Teas for the incredible work they do each day. Our gratitude goes to all from their team who had a part in this residence, from roasting the coffee to planning events and traveling to Seattle to host them. Special thanks goes to Tovara Salley who worked so hard with our team to put all the pieces together and make it happen! We appreciate you all.

If you haven’t made it in yet to try Equator Coffee’s menu, be sure to do so by Monday, September 24.

Next up, we are so excited to be bringing The Coffee Collective from Copenhagen, Denmark to Seattle as our next Roaster in Residence! We will be serving their menu starting Tuesday, September 25 through Monday, October 29.

The Coffee Collective is just that, a coffee company owned and led (collectively) by Peter Dupont, Klaus Thomsen and Casper Rasmussen. All three began their careers as baristas and, collectively, have over 50 years experience working in the coffee industry. In 2006, Thomsen won the World Barista Champion and has twice become the Danish Barista Champion. Rasmussen became the World Cup Tasting Champion and the European Champion with the Danish Barista Team, both in 2008.

The Coffee Collective has continuously been a leader and innovator in the specialty coffee scene. When the group launched their company in 2007, it was with a dream that still drives them today, “to explore and unfold exceptional coffee experiences in a manner that gives better living conditions to coffee farmers across the globe.” One way The Coffee Collective is leading the charge in this effort is through their Direct Trade model which guarantees that:

  1. The consumer knows that the producer is paid at least 25% more than the Fair Trade price (they even list the exact percentage for each coffee on their website.)
  2. That The Coffee Collective visits that producer every single year.  

Read more about their efforts here, and view their 2018 – and first published – Sustainability Report here.

Menu Highlights

The Coffee Collective is thrilled to be able to showcase their Scandinavian take on coffee and will be bringing their full range of lightly roasted filter coffees as well as a variety of espresso for their residence here in Seattle.

Guests will have the choice of four different filter coffees daily – including both a washed and a natural processed coffee from the same farm, Halo Beriti in the famous Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. This coffee as a washed process has a light, delicate acidity and aromas of peach, rose hip and lilac. As a natural process, it is sweet and creamy with medium acidity and aromas of peach, bergamot, strawberry and pineapple.

For espresso, choose Espresso 1 – an intensely aromatic espresso blend with floral top notes, juicy acidity and a fruity aftertaste of black currant and citrus or, Espresso 2 – a sweet and balanced espresso with a creamy body and aftertaste of tropical fruits, nougat and chocolate.

The Coffee Collective’s menu will also offer a selection of caffeine-free beverages that will include herbal teas, hot chocolate, local organic apple juice, hawthorne rose kombucha, and and carrot, orange and coriander soda!

Complement any of these delightful drinks with one of The Coffee Collective’s favorite baked goods. They have collaborated with the London Plane to recreate two classic Danish pastries: Kanel Snurre (Cinnamon Scrolls) and Hindbærsnitter (Raspberry Bars).

Meet Klaus Thomsen and Callum Hare from The Coffee Collective

Klaus Thomsen, Co-founder of The Coffee Collective and Callum Hare, Wholesale Manager, will be here in Seattle for the first week of their residence and have three events planned for our Seattle community during their time here.

First up on Wednesday, September 26, don’t miss The Coffee Collective’s Launch Reception: An Afternoon of Hygge – a quintessential Danish concept meaning cozy, warm and inviting. Enjoy great coffee, tasty food and good people in a warm and inviting environment. Guests are invited to come and go between 2 and 6 pm to sample freshly brewed coffee from The Coffee Collective alongside Smørrebrød (Danish-style open-faced sandwiches) and custom Danish pastries. At 4:00 pm give a warm welcome to Klaus Thomsen as he gives an introduction to The Coffee Collective, along with a brief history of the company and its values, exemplified by their sourcing practices in the Kenyan coffee market. Klaus will end the talk with a public coffee cupping.

On Thursday, September 27, sign up to attend the Nordic Black Brew Filter Class with Klaus Thomsen. 10 guests will have the opportunity to take a class with Klaus Thomsen, learning about lighter roast profiles in coffee and how to brew filter and Aeropress to the Coffee Collective’s recipes. The cost is $25 per person and each guest will go home with their own bag of The Coffee Collective’s Kieni coffee from Kenya. To register for this class, head here.

Finally, on September 28, Klaus and Callum will host our Friday Coffee Tasting at 10 AM. Guests will be able to join in on a public cupping of a selection of coffees from The Coffee Collective’s menu.

Head here for more information on these upcoming events, and to let us know you’re coming!


La Marzocco Cafe News: Thank you La Colombe and Welcome Equator Coffees & Teas

As we find ourselves half-way through summer, we hope yours has been full of fun, adventure and lots of great coffee. Those who have spent some time hanging out at the La Marzocco Cafe know that we have had the honor of serving La Colombe Coffee over the past month. It has been the perfect menu for hot days – filled to the brim with Draft Latte, cold brew on tap, Lemonade Shandys and custom-made cascara ice cream! The team at La Colombe did an incredible job encapsulating the feeling of walking into one of their own cafes. From their massive signature “La Colombe” logo and custom Deruta ceramics down to the littlest details like the sugar bowls, nothing was ignored when planning this residence.

We want to thank Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti for meeting up in a Seattle bar years ago to create what would become Philadelphia-based La Colombe, and now, for bringing it full circle back to us. We are also eternally grateful to the entire team at La Colombe who worked on this residence and for all who were present for launch week. It was an honor to meet and work with such an incredibly thoughtful, passionate and hard-working crew!

On Tuesday, August 21, we’re excited to be welcoming the Bay Area’s Equator Coffees and Teas as our Roaster in Residence through September 24!

Equator was founded in 1995 by Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russell. As co-founder and CEO, Helen leads Equator forward. Under her leadership for more than twenty-three years, Equator has grown from a small roaster and wholesale supplier into a national brand known for it’s values-driven approach, award winning coffee and impactful action around issues of environmentally sustainable and economic empowerment. Brooke McDonnell is the original Master Roaster and Green Coffee Buyer. Brooke’s discerning palate and dedication to sourcing coffee from growers who practice responsible land stewardship in diverse growing regions helped build a coffee program of depth and quality. Together, the two have created a company dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility while maintaining a commitment to high-quality coffee and community-focused cafes.

The team from Equator has been working hard in tandem with our crew at the La Marzocco Cafe to create and implement a menu and schedule of events that will showcase their company’s dedication to quality, sustainability and community to our guests in Seattle and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

Menu Sneak Peak

Shakeratos – Because summer is not over yet! Espresso shaken with cream and served over ice. Choose from the classic or add in a swirl of house-made chocolate syrup.

The Million Dollar Macchiato – The One & One, elevated. A split shot of Gesha espresso. One part straight up, one part adorned with saffron-honey steamed milk, and gold leaf.

A Dreamy Espresso Menu – Featuring Equator’s latest edition of their seasonally evolving blend: Eye of the Tiger. This one is built around a richly nuanced and savory coffee from Nicaragua, complemented by two washed coffees from Malawi and Kenya to create a sweet profile of blackberry, ripe plum and baker’s chocolate, with a vibrant lime-like acidity. Alternatively, the Ethiopian Sidama Ardi, a sundried natural coffee with flavors of vanilla, lavender & sweet lemon promises to be very tasty.

Three Gesha Selections – Colombia Cerro Azul Enano, Ethiopia Gesha Village Oma and Costa Rica Puente Tarrazú Gesha. All available as a single pourover, iced pourover or a flight of all three!

World Bicycle Relief Blend – A mellow and rich cup of filter coffee with accents of cedar, almond, berry and nutmeg. For every bag of this coffee sold, Equator donates one dollar to World Bicycle Relief, an organization that mobilizes people in rural and developing areas by distributing specially designed, high quality bicycles through philanthropic and social enterprise programs.

Silk Road Tea – Five delicious, diverse teas. Three of which guests are invited to enjoy with us, served only in-house via traditional Chinese Gaiwan bowls, including a Magnolia Blossom Oolong that tastes of roasted almond, honeysuckle and stone fruit.

Community-focused Events

Equator places a high priority on being good neighbors and engaging with its local communities by creating cafe spaces and events that cater to each locations’ individual culture and interests. Treating their residence here in Seattle no differently, they have an event-filled month planned especially for our local Seattle community.

Equator will be launching their residence on Tuesday, August 21 with a Latte Art Throwdown co-hosted by Miir. Want to compete? Head here for all the details and be sure to arrive by 6:30 PM on the night of the event to officially sign up. Want to be a spectator and enjoy an evening with our local coffee community? Be sure you’re signed up for our Locals Newsletter to receive an invite that will get you on the guest list!

Runners and Cyclists – Equator has two events planned for you! First up, a five-mile run from Seven Hills Running Shop ending with complimentary coffee at our Cafe on Sunday, August 26. Then on Sunday, September 9, a community bike ride beginning at our Cafe and ending at Metiér bike shop.

Several other community events are in the works for Equator’s residence including a networking event with the Greater Seattle Business Association, a B Corp fair highlighting several local B Corp businesses and an evening dedicated to women in coffee.

Check our La Marzocco Cafe Facebook Events page regularly for updates on all these events, as well as our Friday Coffee Tastings, which will all be planned by Equator during their residence.

We have loved sharing La Colombe with our guests in Seattle over the past month. If you have not yet had the chance to visit, we will be serving their menu through 4 PM on Monday, August 20, then we welcome Equator on Tuesday morning, August 21.

La Marzocco Cafe News: Thank you Sweet Bloom and Welcome La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Our team at the La Marzocco Cafe has thoroughly enjoyed preparing and serving coffee from Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters over the past four weeks. It’s been a joy working with their team, a group of good people passionate about what they do. Many kudos to Sweet Bloom Founder, Andy Sprenger, for creating a team who cares deeply about their craft, their colleagues, and all who work along the coffee chain. We want to thank everyone at Sweet Bloom who helped to make their residence at our Cafe a reality, with special thanks going to Miguel Vicuña for his work planning, creating, training our staff and being present to host events and classes.

If you haven’t been in yet to try Sweet Bloom, there’s just one week left! As a later addition to their menu, we recommend trying the newly released Petronilo Martinez – a washed coffee from Guatemala with aromatics of chocolate and notes of pralines and apple crisp. It was highlighted during our most recent Meet the Producer event with Edwin Martinez of Onyx Coffee and his father, Edwin Sr. We’ll be serving this coffee and the rest of Sweet Bloom’s menu through Monday, July 16.

Next up, starting on Tuesday, July 17, our menu and service style will be presented by La Colombe Coffee Roasters based in Philadelphia!

La Colombe is a leading coffee roaster known for ethical, long-term trade practices with growers. Considered one of the pioneers of the third wave of coffee, it provides signature classic blends and exceptional single-origin coffees to cafes, hotels, restaurants and retailers around the world. In addition, the company owns and operates 30 cafes in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. The company has  made headlines in the ready-to-drink business with its DRAFT LATTE(™) – the world’s first-ever textured cold latte.

La Colombe’s story began in Seattle back in 1996, where two guys with a shared passion for coffee met at a bar. Founders Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti went on to create La Colombe on a simple but profound premise: America Deserves Better Coffee. By sourcing and roasting with care, and borrowing on ancient and modern coffee traditions from around the world, the two have built a successful company that strives to create an elevated coffee experience in cafes and homes across the country. They are thrilled to be returning to the city that showed them the magic of coffee and will be bringing the best of their voyages and innovations from the past 20 years with them!

“This residency is our opportunity to give the city and coffee community a taste of what it gave us. It’s a real honor and privilege.” – La Colombe.

We’re thrilled to be able to host La Colombe and can’t wait to share their menu and service style with our guests. Read on for some menu highlights.

Menu Highlights

Stay and sip or grab and go! La Colombe’s menu will include most of their ready-to-drink beverages including the Pure Black – a cold-pressed bottled coffee, and a selection of their cans of Draft Latte – a texturized iced latte with cold-pressed espresso, complete with a frothy layer of silky foam. Choose from the Original, Triple, Mocha, Vanilla and Caramel.

The Pure Black and Draft Latte will also be available on tap, alongside the new and perfect-for-summer Cold Brew Shandy Lemonade – cold brew coffee + lemonade, on tap!

For espresso and espresso based drinks, guests will have the choice of enjoying La Colombe’s Cornerstone Nizza – a medium roast blend which happens to be the coffee used for espresso in all La Colombe cafes, or their single origin Burundi Kayanza – a naturally-processed coffee from the Great Lakes region of East Africa which boasts vibrant sweetness and intense fruit-forward acidity.

For pour over, pull up to our back bar and chat with our baristas as they hand brew one of La Colombe’s delightful Colombian Geisha coffees – El Vergel or Monte Verde.

Because summer and coffee, La Colombe has created two cascara ice cream treats! Go big with the Cascara Ice Cream Float – made with layers of black cherry soda, cascara ice cream and Draft Latte or the Affogato with a scoop of cascara ice cream topped with espresso.

Launch Party

On Wednesday, July 18 from 7 – 10 PM, come meet and mingle with the La Colombe crew as they bring a taste of Philadelphia to Seattle through Philly-based music, food and drinks!

Live music will be performed by ill Fated Natives – a power trio whose grit and raw passion creates a blend of bluesy, vibrant “earth music.”

This event is free but you must RSVP to attend – to receive an invite to RSVP, you must be signed up for our Locals Newsletter. Invites go out Tuesday, July 10. Head here to sign up.

We’ll be serving Sweet Bloom Coffee through Monday, July 16, then La Colombe Coffee from Tuesday, July 17 through Monday, August 20.

Introducing Crush the Rush!

An all-new barista competition focused on speed and fun. Coming to a city near you. 

Introducing Crush the Rush! An all-new, team-based barista competition from La Marzocco that is all about fun, speed, efficiency, and community. Eight teams (with three baristas per team) will compete in a head-to-head style tournament, racing to deliver 8 perfectly-made drinks to the judges’ table faster than their opponent. The fastest team from each heat will move on to the next round. Each round, a new surprise will await the competitors to increase the difficulty. At the end of the night, one team will be awarded the *incredibly* legendary Crush the Rush trophy + $300.

About Crush the Rush

Crush the Rush focuses on bar flow efficiency, technology, and fun! Teams will need to optimize their workflow, roles, and responsibilities in order to improve their speed. Each team will be competing on a La Marzocco Strada AV with Scales that will need to be programmed in order to maximize efficiency and accuracy.

We’ll be bringing Crush the Rush to 9 U.S. cities this Summer. See the list below to see if we will be visiting your city!

Crush the Rush Cities

Portland—June 26
San Francisco—July 2
Los Angeles—July 6
Houston—July 17
Atlanta—July 24
Washington D.C.—July 30
Chicago—August 7
Kansas City—August 10
Denver—August 14

Attendance and Registration

Registration for each city will open one week prior to the event, at 6:00 pm local time.

Register your team on the corresponding Eventbrite page! You’ll need a team name, three baristas and $30. Teams must name all baristas and the company they work for. After 8 teams have signed up there will be a waitlist for alternates that will be chosen at random if one of the eight teams can’t make it.

Register to Compete: +La Marzocco Eventbrite Page

**HEAD’S UP! Team registration has been filling up within seconds. Registration for each city will open 1 week prior to the event at 6:00 pm local time, and the first 8 teams will get in.**

Free & Open to the Public:
Don’t want to compete? This event is free to attend, but please RSVP by clicking “Going” on our Facebook Event page to let us know you’ll be joining us! Come hang out, eat food, and drink drinks with us from 7 pm on.

Official Rules of Crush the Rush

Download a PDF of the Official Crush the Rush Rules & Regulations:

Interested in Sponsorship?

Check out our sponsorship opportunities!

Interested in Judging or Helping Out?

We’re taking Volunteers to help us at each event! Be a sensory judge, technical judge, help set up & tear down, porter, etc. If you’re interested in helping out, we’d love your help.

Sign up here: 


Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Josh Littlefield:

La Marzocco Cafe News: June – Thank you Cuvée and Welcome Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

With just a week left in their residence at the La Marzocco Cafe, we want to thank Austin-based Cuvée Coffee for bringing a taste of their city to Seattle. Their launch party was a hot ticket – not surprisingly so – as both Aaron Franklin and Renee Erickson were serving up delightful bites under the same roof! Also a hot ticket? Cuvée’s canned Nitro Cold Brew, which has completely sold out! Guests can still enjoy their Cold Brew however – on tap – through June 11.

Thank you to everyone at Cuvée Coffee who worked so hard to make this residence happen. Special thanks to Cuvée’s Owner, Mike McKim for creating the opportunity, and to Kym Good, Director of Marketing, for her countless hours and work that made it all happen. We are so grateful and have had so much fun serving your coffee!

On Tuesday, June 12 we are thrilled to be welcoming Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters from Lakewood, Colorado as our next Roaster in Residence.

In 2013, after ten years in the specialty coffee industry, Andy Sprenger founded Sweet Bloom out of a love for beautiful coffee and a desire to share it with others. As a two-time US Brewers Cup Champion, Runner-up in the World Brewers Cup Championship, 2013 US Aeropress Champion, and Runner-up in the 2014 US Cup Tasters Championship it’s fair to say he brings a wealth of knowledge to the industry.

Andy has built a team of coffee professionals who care deeply for their craft, their team members, coffee producers and all those who buy, sell and drink Sweet Bloom Coffee. They continue to build on a vision that strives to connect coffee producers with end-consumers in meaningful ways. One way they do this is by regularly inviting coffee producers to come to the United States to give them the opportunity to share their stories with Sweet Bloom’s retail and wholesale customers.


Menu Highlights

Sweet Bloom’s menu will offer a handful of their beautiful single origin coffees that will be available to order as both espresso and pour over. Included in this single origin menu is a Gesha Village Lot 96 from Ethiopia with delicate notes of lavender, mango and honey. Their Hometown Blend, which boasts flavors of cacao nibs, praline and blackberry will be used for all espresso-based drinks. We recommend ordering the One & One for an opportunity to try it with steamed milk and as a straight shot of espresso, side-by-side. Specials will include Sweet Bloom’s Nitro Cold Brew, house-made Lemon-Basil Iced Tea, and a summertime favorite – Affogatos made with Molly Moon’s Sweet Cream Ice Cream. A selection of teas from Spirit Tea will also be available. We’re eager to try the Nitro Rosella Herbal Infusion – a hibiscus, lemongrass and licorice root blend brewed cold and infused with nitro – a refreshing, sweet and tart tribute to summer! Finally, we will have General Porpoise doughnuts every Monday during Sweet Bloom’s residence. Come early, the vanilla custard and chocolate marshmallow filled doughnuts will not last long!


Engage with Sweet Bloom

Sweet Bloom will be launching their residence with an Ice Cream Social where guests will be served Sweet Bloom Affogatos, Hard Root Beer Floats, or Beer Floats from Seattle’s Hale’s Ales. This is a ticketed event and guests must be signed up for our La Marzocco Cafe Locals Newsletter to receive an invite.

Miguel Vicuna, Head of Training and Education at Sweet Bloom, will be hosting two Espresso Exploration classes on Wednesday, June 13. Part of the class will be exploring what Sweet Bloom coffees have to offer as espresso and how each is impacted by different ratios of espresso and milk. As a World Barista Championship Head Judge, Miguel will also give an overview of what judges look for on a world level when it comes to espresso. Classes cost $35.00 per person. For more information and to purchase tickets, head here.

Then on June 22, Andy Sprenger will be hosting our weekly Friday Coffee Tasting at 10 AM along with Edwin Martinez, CEO of Onyx. Guests will have the opportunity to cup multiple coffees that Edwin has helped to produce and import from Guatemala. This event is free and open to all.

For a listing of all public events, check our Facebook event page often.


From Sweet Bloom

“All coffee begins with a bloom: an elegant, fragrant white flower. Exceptional coffee, freshly roasted and ground, blooms again when infused with hot water – equally fragrant and even more complex. We care deeply about everything in between these two blooms, from the producers to precision roasting. Our passion for this craft ensures the end result – what’s in your cup – is as beautiful as its beginning.”

We can’t wait to begin serving Sweet Bloom’s menu on Tuesday, June 12!

Cafe Stories: Equator Coffee & Teas, Mid Market

If the espresso machine is the heart of the cafe, the staff is its soul. We want to celebrate that pairing and take a deeper look at what makes some of our favorite cafes around the country what they are. Introducing Cafe Stories—an interview series that highlights cafes across the United States and showcases their uniqueness.

To kick things off, we’re taking a look at Bay Area staple Equator Coffee & Teas. We sat down with Director of Retail Devorah Fralach to learn a little bit more about their most recent cafe in the Mid-Market area of San Francisco.

What made you want to open a cafe?

Equator loves opening cafes so that neighborhoods can get to know us better. As a mostly wholesale roastery cafes are how we directly interface with the end consumer of our coffee. Having cafes lets us truly tell our coffees stories. It also keeps us in touch with what our customers want.

How would you describe the brand of your cafe?

We pride ourselves on be the most inclusive and accommodating people we can be. It’s very important to us as a company that everyone feels welcome in our spaces. From coffee geeks to folks who are just looking for a strong morning cup, we appreciate everyone and meet them where they are. You can recognize our brand in every store, but each location is iconic. We bring the feeling of a welcoming cafe while fitting into the neighborhood.

Describe the location/demographics of the area where you opened. Why did you choose this area?

Mid market is a transitional neighborhood of San Francisco. It’s been historically very underdeveloped with small businesses moving in and out. It’s a very diverse neighborhood economically which is getting harder and harder to find in San Francisco. We create community centers where ever we go. We wanted to do the same in mid market. When we were opening we made sure to hire from the neighborhood so that we were inclusive, not pushing people out.

What equipment are you using to make coffee? Why did you choose this equipment?

This cafe is located in the historic Warfield Theatre. Built in the 1920’s the warfield is a grand old theatre that still hosts a variety of performers. We wanted our bar to be an homage to the history of this theatre. The bar itself is curved and is reminiscent of a stage. For espresso equipment we wanted something that was beautiful and elegant so we opted for a La Marzocco FB70. This machine has the show stopping curves and is a beautiful bright white. We love the manual feel and consistency of this machine.  

Describe your bar or customer flow. break this down for us. How did the equipment influence the flow? or vice versa?

We want our cafe to be open, our baristas are on stage, so we set the espresso machine down into the counter so there isn’t a barrier hiding them. We also hid all batch brewing and food equipment we could in the back – allowing espresso to take center stage. We make Espresso and pour overs customer facing, but brewed coffee and all food are “backstage”. We also have taps at this store, serving beer and cold brew, we hid the fridges in back as well so that coffee is magically served from handles in the brick wall.

What’s one thing that makes your cafe special?

Our diverse staff at this location makes this cafe shine. They are excellent ambassadors of our brand and embody the spirit of excellence. They approach difficult situations with kindness and have gotten involved in community programs. They welcome the toursests that are walking the length of Market street and help them find the coffee they are looking for (it’s a proud moment then they say it’s the best espresso they’ve had in the US). The demographic of our customers will shift daily depending on what show is playing at the Warfield (hard rock and boy band pop shows are a constant) no matter what folks look like they are welcome in our cafe.

Visit the Mid-Market Equator in Downtown San Francisco at 986 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. Follow along with Equator on Instagram, and be sure to stop by any of their Bay Area Cafes next time you’re in town.

La Marzocco Cafe News: May – Thank you George Howell and Welcome Cuvée Coffee

It is with immense gratitude that we thank George Howell and the entire team at George Howell Coffee for not only being our Resident at the La Marzocco Cafe for the past month, but for hosting some incredible educational events and working alongside our team during the busy hours of the 2018 Specialty Coffee Expo! We are honored to have been able to work with them, learn from them and have an absolute blast doing it. The coffees brought to Seattle were truly special – they not only delighted us but our guests as well. We want to thank everyone at George Howell for the hard work and detail they put into their residence and for the passion they bring to the specialty coffee industry on a daily basis.

With just a week left in their residence, we highly recommend making a trip to the Cafe if you have not done so already. Our Friday Coffee Tasting on May 4 at 10 AM will be our final event featuring George Howell coffee. It is free and open to the public and we hope to see you there! We’ll be serving George Howell’s menu through Monday, May 7, 2018.

Next up, we’re kicking off our Year Three Roaster in Residence program with a taste of Texas brought by Cuvée Coffee out of Austin!

Cuvée Coffee Founder, Mike McKim purchased his first coffee roaster after being inspired in 1997 by an uncle who worked in the coffee industry. After the purchase was made, his uncle gave him the most important roasting advice he ever received, words that still guide him today, “Never skimp on the raw product.”

“Every year we spend a considerable amount of time traveling the world to work directly with our farmer-partners. By adhering to the Direct Trade model and building substantive, long-term relationships, we are keeping our commitment to source only the best coffee, which shows in each and every one of our offerings.” – Cuvée Coffee

Though Cuvée Coffee got its start in Dallas, the company is now headquartered in Austin, TX where they have been pioneers in creating and canning Nitro Cold Brew. There, they have a Roastery, Coffee Bar and have recently opened their Cold Brewery. The Cold Brewery is a space to make their cold brew and test new products that will get perfected and canned. Two of Cuvée’s newest drinks will be available at the La Marzocco Cafe during their residence including their Hemp-Oil infused Nitro Cold Brew and Horchata Nitro Cold Brew. The menu will also include a selection of Cuvée’s espresso offerings, single-origin coffees and two signature drinks. Their Brewberry Latte has us intrigued – it’s made by swirling house-made blueberry syrup into steamed milk, vanilla and espresso then dusted with blueberry sugar.

For a quintessential Austin experience, Cuvée has partnered with Seattle’s Sunrise Tacos to offer four different breakfast tacos during their residence! After visiting Austin for music events and festivals, Sunrise Owner, Natalie Lamberjack was inspired by the restaurants, street food and coffee shops of Texas to start a breakfast taco company here in the Pacific Northwest and we’re thrilled to be able to offer her tacos! Cuvée has also collaborated with The London Plane to offer our guests both a sweet and savory Kolache (a yeasted dough pastry) as well as biscuits and jam – all of which highlight Texas ingredients.

Cuvée will be launching their residence with a Texas-style party that will include Brisket Tacos by Aaron Franklin of famed Franklin Barbecue, Pickled Clam & Oyster Tostadas by Seattle’s own Chef Renee Erickson and scoops of Molly Moon Ice Cream. This event will be invite only. To receive an invite, guests must be signed up for our Locals Newsletter. Head here to sign up for the Newsletter.

During Cuvée’s residence, guests will have the opportunity to sign up for a weekly raffle when they visit the Cafe. Prizes will include products from some of Cuvée’s favorite Texas brands. Name and email address will be needed, but no purchase will be necessary to enter the raffle. From Director of Marketing, Kym Good, “We not only wanted to bring Cuvée to La Marzocco, we wanted to bring Texas with us as well!” Through their launch party and food collaborations, raffle prizes and of course their coffee, Cuvée will certainly be doing just that and we’re looking forward to this Texas-style month.

Cuvée Coffee will be our Roaster in Residence beginning Tuesday, May 8 through Monday, June 11, 2018.

Choose Your Own Adventure Party, Friday, April 20

The La Marzocco/Cafe Imports Choose Your Own Adventure Party is only a few days away!

If you want to experience the best dance, tiki, corn hole, cocktail party of your life, you’re not going to want to miss it. Just a reminder, we are handing out a limited number of bracelets at the La Marzocco SCA booth (#1207) on Friday, 4/20. These will allow you entrance into the party starting at 7:45 pm and being valid until 9:30 pm. If you show up with your bracelet after 9:30pm, it will no longer get you in. If you are unable to get a bracelet at our booth, you will want to make sure to arrive early to get in the General Admission line. We will begin letting people in the General Admission line enter the party at 8:30 pm. We are anticipating that we will hit capacity, and once the party is full we will be implementing a one out, one in policy for the rest of the night. Arrive early to make sure you get in, and we can’t wait to dance the night away with you!