Photo Menu: Heart Coffee Roasters

On Valentine’s Day, we welcomed Heart Coffee Roasters from Portland, OR, our 10th Partner in Residence to the La Marzocco Cafe. As is the case each time a new Roaster takes over, we reorganized the bar and dialed-in our equipment to make coffee the same way it would be prepared at Heart’s cafes in Portland, and implemented a completely new menu.

Heart’s motivation behind coffee is simple and is on full display at the Cafe: uncompromising quality aimed at bringing guests a focused and exceptional experience. Heart’s founder, Wille Yli-Luoma, started the company after much experimentation as a home roaster. Over time, he began to appreciate the coffee he was roasting at home more than what he was experiencing elsewhere. Wanting to share that appreciation with others, he decided to start Heart Roasters. Eight months after launching, Wille’s wife Rebekah jumped in to help out where she could and has been there ever since—together they now run the business.


Wille says he roasts his coffee, “so you can taste where the coffee comes from.” He roasts on the lighter end of the spectrum and always uses washed coffees. Wet process, or washed coffee, is a method of processing coffee where the fruit and pulp covering the coffee seed is completely removed before being dried.

Heart boasts an impressive selection of Single Origin coffees across their menu. The La Marzocco Cafe will rotate through these, and will serve each two ways—as espresso and as drip coffee off of the Fetco batch brewer.

One coffee we’re particularly excited about bringing to the Cafe is Colombia La Morelia. Harvested just five months ago by coffee Producer Miller Walles, this limited-edition microlot has juicy acidity with molasses, pomegranate and rose notes.


Leaning heavily on single origin coffees and the unique flavors each possess, Heart has just one coffee blend on their menu–Stereo Seasonal Blend. Heart uses Stereo as the default coffee for all their milk-based drinks, including macchiatos, cappuccinos and lattes. Stereo is a great choice for guests who are looking to drink espresso with rich, chocolatey flavors and lower acidity.


Guests will find a Seasonal Special on Heart’s menu–their Honey Cardamom Latte. It includes steamed milk, Stereo espresso, raw honey and cardamom. Try this for something sweet and satisfying.


Heart’s take on the Mocha combines espresso, steamed milk and a chocolate syrup made with cocoa powder, Madagascar vanilla beans, Himalayan pink salt and chocolate bitters. The steamed milk is poured into a dusting of cocoa powder that makes for a beautiful presentation.


The Heart Chocolate is a coffee-free option that is made by melting Valrhona chocolate ganache into hot water, half and half cream, and steamed milk.


For tea enthusiasts, Heart’s menu offers two selections from renowned Song Tea: Fragrant Leaf–a rich green tea with the scent of sweet grass and honey, and Carrot–a botanical tea with dried carrots, ginger, cinnamon and burdock.


Finally, Friday’s just got even sweeter at the cafe. In addition to our regular (and free!) Coffee Tastings at 10 am, Heart’s menu will include a selection of General Porpoise Doughnuts each Friday during their Residence.


Heart will be serving their menu at the La Marzocco Cafe through March 20, 2017. Be sure to come by to get a taste of Portland here in Seattle. To view the full menu, head here.

La Marzocco Cafe News: February–Thank you Cat & Cloud and Heart Preview

For the past month we’ve been delighted by Cat & Cloud’s menu at the La Marzocco Cafe and we’d like to extend a huge thank you to them for being our Partner in Residence. As a small company with just over a dozen employees, Cat & Cloud was generous enough to have all three owners present in Seattle for their launch. They also sent up two of their employees from Santa Cruz to work the bar with us for a few days and we are so appreciative to them. We commend their company culture that creates a space where everyone feels welcome and leaves happier than when they came in, in addition to having an incredible coffee experience. Thanks so much Chris, Jared and Charles for putting so much effort into your Residence!


We are thrilled to announce that our next Partner in Residence, Heart Coffee Roasters of Portland, OR will be launching on Valentine’s Day!


Heart was started in 2009 by Finnish born and professional snowboarder Wille Yli-Luoma. He moved to Portland in his early twenties to pursue a career in snowboarding, but knew that it would not last forever and felt it made sense to follow another one of his interests–coffee. With a commercial espresso machine and grinder in his kitchen and a small roaster in his basement, Yli-Luoma dove into the world of specialty coffee. He eventually decided he wanted to share his coffee and roasting methods with Portland, and the world. His wife Rebekah enjoyed the business side of things and was also passionate about coffee. Thus, Heart was born.


Today, Heart has a roasting and training facility with wholesale partners around the globe. They currently have two cafes in Portland, with a third one opening this year, and a very loyal community to support them! Heart’s menu at the La Marzocco Cafe will include Stereo, their seasonal espresso blend, single origin espresso, a decaf espresso and several single origin coffees for their batch brewed coffee. Other drinks of interest include their spicy chai tea, honey-cardamom latte, Heart chocolate and a selection of Song Tea. On each Friday of Heart’s Residence, we will be serving a selection of General Porpoise Doughnuts!


Heart will be hosting a launch party on Wednesday, Feb 15 at 6 pm that will include drinks and live music. DoNormaal will begin a live set around 6:15 pm followed by Cody & Shannon of Shannon & the Clams DJ’ing from 7:30-9:30 pm. Head over to our Facebook page to let us know if you plan to come! During their Residence, Heart will also be offering one-on-one home espresso classes and group cuppings. Be sure to check back with the La Marzocco Cafe Instagram and Twitter as we finalize details on these. Heart takes over the Cafe on Tuesday, February 14.

Photo Menu: Cat & Cloud

The La Marzocco Cafe has once again been transformed into an entirely new space, this time being taken over by Cat & Cloud from Santa Cruz, CA! Co-owners Chris Baca, Jared Truby and Charles Jack spent four days in Seattle hanging with our staff and guests to ensure a very similar experience in our cafe as one would get in theirs.


Before they left, we laughed, had fun and even got a bit serious at their launch party where guests enjoyed tacos and drinks while Baca and Truby recorded their first ever LIVE Cat & Cloud podcast. They discussed training strategies, Cat & Cloud’s growth plan, what’s currently stressing them out and what they believe is the biggest thing coffee professionals need to do to keep customers. Hint: It has nothing to do with coffee. The podcast is definitely worth a listen, to do so, head here.

So what can one expect when visiting the La Marzocco Cafe this month? To quote Truby, “If someone leaves happier than when they came in, you did your job.” Overall, Cat & Cloud supports an atmosphere that is inviting, fun and approachable to anyone. They want guests to leave thinking, “I was treated well, had a good time and oh, that was a fantastic cup of coffee.”


And fantastic coffee it is. Below are some highlights from their menu:

The Answer, the Truth and the Friend Zone. The Answer is Cat & Cloud’s flagship blend and is the default coffee for all milk-based espresso drinks as well as Fetco brewed cups of coffee. The Truth is served as straight espresso, will change weekly and is the number one choice drink for Truby. The Friend Zone is Cat & Cloud’s decaf option, a water-processed Ethiopian with all the feels of regular coffee minus any jitters.


The 1&1. A Truby and Baca original, friends! The 1&1, which is a shot of espresso and a macchiato served together, has become a popular menu item in specialty coffee and guess what? These guys created it. We even have proof, check out this video clip! Cat & Cloud makes theirs with their flagship blend, the Answer and is always what co-owner Jack drinks.


Coffee by the Cup. Cat & Cloud serves several single origin coffees available by the cup and made to order. They are brewed on the espresso machine, but with the volume and feel of drip coffee instead of espresso.


The Makeout. A four ounce cup with a double shot of espresso and steamed milk filled to the top. Basically a gibraltar, but with a cooler name, because who doesn’t like to makeout? Second to straight espresso, this is Baca’s favorite drink on their menu.


The Creamy Beige. Created years ago by Truby and his dad, this drink has the feel of a milkshake with the added goodness of espresso. It combines ice, one ounce each of chocolate and sweetened condensed milk, a double shot of espresso, coffee grounds and 4 ounces of half and half, which then gets blended and topped with another dusting of coffee grounds.


Bulletproof Coffee includes hot brewed coffee, grass-fed butter and MCT oil all blended into a creamy drink. In short, it is full of essential fats that are said to be burned by the body as fuel rather than being stored as fat. According to Truby, this drink is very popular in Santa Cruz and has certainly gained in popularity here in Seattle as well.


The Mocha or Hot Chocolate. Cat & Cloud’s Hot Chocolate is made using Holy Kakow–a pre-made organic chocolate sauce made in Portland, OR. Add espresso and it’s a Mocha!


We will be happily serving Cat & Cloud’s menu through February 13, so be sure to come on by and try it! To see their full menu, head here.

La Marzocco Cafe News: January–Thank you Pilot and Cat and Cloud Preview

Happy New Year Friends!

We’d like to thank Pilot Coffee Roasters for being our Partner in Residence over the past month and for carrying us through the bustle of the holidays! It has been a joy to work with their team and a pleasure to prepare and serve their creative and customer-focused menu. The menu offers our guests the option to build their own drinks, choosing first a coffee then a method of preparation. Many guests have expressed excitement that this menu style forced them to try coffees they may not have otherwise. One of our goals for the La Marzocco Cafe is to continuously provide new experiences for our guests and Pilot has certainly helped us achieve that. A special thanks to Nat Fried and Eric Mahovlich from Pilot and to everyone in Toronto who has worked hard to bring Pilot to Seattle!


As the New Year gets underway, we would like to announce our next Partner in Residence: Cat and Cloud from Santa Cruz, CA!


While Cat and Cloud may be the youngest Roaster we’ve had take over the La Marzocco Cafe, its owners Chris Baca, Jared Truby, and Charles Jack are anything but new to specialty coffee, and would argue that their current project has been forming over the past decade. In addition to starting their roastery and opening their first retail space in the past year, Truby and Baca also record a super honest and rollicking podcast that dives into specialty coffee techniques, history and gives a real-life look at running a coffee business. Listen to it here and read more about their personal journeys and what lead them to launch Cat and Cloud here.

Cat and Cloud has a very clear goal of making coffee approachable and enjoyable for everyone. They surround themselves with good people and aim to make every interaction at their cafe a positive experience. Their menu will have several coffees including their flagship blend, the Answer­–which promises to taste amazing and approachable no matter how much experience one has with coffee. Another coffee offered will be the Truth–or an opportunity to get into the minds of Cat and Cloud! This coffee continuously changes but is promised to always be complex and exciting.


We’ll be serving Cat and Cloud’s menu at the cafe starting Tuesday, January 10. Be sure to join us for their Launch Party on Wednesday, January 11. The party will include a live recording of their podcast at the La Marzocco Cafe beginning at 6pm, followed by tacos, beer and the opportunity to hang with Truby and Baca.

The cafe will continue to serve Pilot’s menu through Monday, January 9. We highly recommend stopping in for a taste of this Canadian company’s coffee before they take it all back North!

Now accepting applications for 2017-2018 La Marzocco Café Residents

Program Overview

The La Marzocco Café and Showroom opened in April 2016 in Seattle. The café is unique in that it is designed to serve as a platform to showcase the diversity and creativity of specialty coffee. Each month, a new “resident” takes over the café in order to present their vision of coffee service. Residents curate the coffees that are served, design the complete menu (every item and every ingredient), select the equipment that will be used during their residency, design supporting bar flow, and train our team to execute the coffee program.

In addition to designing the coffee program, residents are also invited to use their residency as a platform for education and community engagement. Residents are encouraged to develop and present educational programming and unique engagement experiences for café guests during their residency, as well as design a launch event to begin their residency.

Our goal is that residents will fully embrace the opportunity to express their creativity and showcase their work. No idea is too far-fetched, and our team is eager to be challenged, and to bring each resident’s vision to fruition.

We are now accepting applications for one-month residencies beginning May 2017, through April 2018.

Applications for the 2017-2018 cycle need to be completed no later than January 31st, 2017 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.

Selection Criteria

Our goal is to create a slate of 2017-2018 residents that are diverse in their perspectives, geographies, and size. We will be selecting individual residents based on the completeness and of their applications, and the unique perspectives and creativity expressed in their applications. We will also be prioritizing creating an overall slate of residents that is diverse; we will be considering the group overall, in addition to reviewing the individual applications.

Each residency is meant to recreate the resident’s coffee experience that they present to the communities they serve. Applications should highlight the applicant’s unique perspective, and a commitment to creating something special, novel, and unique while in residence. Applications will be evaluated based on our ability to understand the applicant’s perspective, and the supporting elements (menu, educational programming, company background, etc.) that help showcase that perspective. We will also be giving special consideration to applicants who can commit to having team members train our team in Seattle in the days leading up to the start of their residency, and in the first few days following the launch of the residency.

To summarize, residents will be selected based on these criteria:

  1. The applicant’s unique perspective within specialty coffee, how their perspective is creatively expressed.
  2. The overall diversity of the set of 2017-2018 residents (perspective, company size, geography – international and domestic).
  3. The completeness of the application.
  4. The applicant’s ability to commit to being in Seattle to train our team in the days before and after the residency begins.

Application Instructions

The application consists of an online form that the applicant should fully complete. We suggest you begin in this way:

  1. Download and read the Café Resident Application Instructions
  2. Download and read the La Marzocco Café Resident FAQs
  3. Download, print, and read the application form (this is a PDF of the online form you will fill out)
  4. Work with your team to design your residency
  5. Begin your online application. We expect it will take you 8-10 hours to complete.
  6. Complete your application by January 31st, 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.

The application form will serve as the basis for your residency; by applying, you are essentially designing your residency as you envision it. The details of your residency should give us guidance on every element of what we need to prepare for in order to bring your vision to fruition. No detail is too small, and you should not expect that there are any baseline parameters (we want to know everything from the sizes of each of the beverage menu items, to the specific brand of honey or sugar you want to offer at the condiment station).

Be as thorough and complete in your answers as possible. To do this, know in advance that it will take a good deal of time to complete the application – about 8-10 hours. Please keep this in mind, as the application period will not be extended.

We have found that the Seattle community we serve enjoys being challenged by unique experiences – and they have come to expect it. We hope you’ll surprise them!

If you have questions as you complete your application, please first refer to the FAQs provided. If you have additional questions, you can contact Amy Hattemer at amy at We will be updating the FAQs document throughout the application period as we receive and answer questions from applicants.

We look forward to reading about your vision for a residency at the café!

Photo Menu: Pilot Coffee Roasters

Last week, Toronto based Pilot Coffee Roasters, was introduced to the Seattle community at the La Marzocco Cafe. Pilot’s vision is simple, “to roast great coffee and work with great people to do it.”  Nat Fried, Head of Accounts and Eric Mahovlich, Head Barista at Pilot’s Tasting Bar were tasked with the job of reproducing the taste and feel of their Toronto cafes here in Seattle. Both spent several days working with our team and meeting our guests. We can easily say they are some of the “great people” who are carrying out Pilot’s vision and are grateful for their hard work. Pilot’s menu will fuel us through the holidays and into the new year. As a Canadian company, they know what it takes to keep folks warm and happy and we’re confident their menu will do just that! Read along for the highlights.


Pilot’s menu follows a “build your own” format with three coffee options:

First, Anthem. Guided by balance and sweetness when creating this blend, Anthem has notes of cherry and chocolate.  Second, the Guatemala Catalan de las Mercedes, or “Gesha – Black Honey” is a limited edition single origin by producer Nicholas Hammond that is honey processed, which leaves a heavy sweetness with delicate floral notes and a clean mouthfeel. Finally, the Costa Rica Sumava de Lourdes is a single origin by producer Francisco Mena that is silky with notes of fig and milk chocolate. Pilot also provides a coffee for those who can’t do caffeine: Catalyst. Using Swiss Water Process, this coffee is naturally decaffeinated but still provides a smooth drink with notes of caramel and chocolate.


Once guests decide on a coffee, they can decide on which method they would like it to be brewed. Options include straight espresso, espresso with steamed milk or water, and pourover.


When tasked with bringing Pilot to Seattle, Nat Fried wanted to create a series of drinks that would take our guests on a sensory journey across Canada. He created four Coffee Cocktails to be served through the residency. These cocktails will be prepared to order for cafe guests along the back bar:

The East. Coffee is brewed using the pourover method and is permeated with cascara smoke while brewing. Meanwhile a “seafoam” of housemade blueberry simple syrup, pure maple syrup and sea salt is created using an immersion blender. This is then scooped onto the brewed coffee creating a sweet and salty, warm and cold representation of the Eastern Canadian provinces.


The Central. Combines coffee brewed via Aeropress, barrel-aged bitters, apple and cinnamon simple syrup and ice, and is finished with a twist of orange zest.


The Prairie. A cappuccino that begins with a shot of espresso brewed over wildflower honey. Molasses bitters are then added to milk and the two are steamed together and poured into the espresso. The drink is served in a 6 oz mug with a small glass of the steamed molasses milk and a sample of the wildflower honey on the side.


The West–or Cranberry Espresso Sour. Combines a double shot of espresso, demerara syrup, pure cranberry juice and egg whites into a cocktail shaker which is then precisely shaken and strained into a coupe glass and topped with finely ground espresso.


Pilot’s menu also includes a selection of teas from Sloane Fine Tea Merchants. Guests can choose from their Signature Black, Classic Green or Citron Chamomile.


Finally, Pilot’s Hot Chocolate, made using Soul Chocolate ganache, is smooth, buttery and sure to put anyone in a festive mood.


Pilot will be in residence until January 9th. To see Pilot’s full menu head here and be sure to follow along this month on our cafe Instagram and Twitter!

La Marzocco Cafe News: December–Thank you Panther and Pilot Preview

We’ve been delighted by Panther Coffee’s menu and service style at the La Marzocco Café in November. While they may not have been able to bring Miami sunshine with them, co-founders Joel and Leticia have traveled to Seattle twice this month, with one more still planned for their final event: a Latte Art Throwdown on December 1st. Stakes are high for this event, as the grand prize will be a trip to El Salvador, sponsored by coffee producers Aida Batlle and J. Hill & Cia. Head to our Facebook Page for information on competing in this event! Observers are also welcome! We have so much gratitude for Joel, Leticia, and their entire team for putting so much effort into their residency.


For our final Roaster in Residence this year, we are pleased to introduce our friends Pilot Coffee Roasters from Toronto, Ontario. Since they began in 2009, Pilot has partnered with La Marzocco, using our machines and sharing our commitment to quality, consistency, and innovation.


As the first Canadian Roaster in Residence at the La Marzocco Cafe, Pilot will be sharing with us a taste of the coffee culture and rich diversity from north of the border. Throughout the month, they will take us on a sensory ride, unveiling a series of coffee cocktails inspired by the tastes of Canada’s East Coast, Ontario, Quebec, the Prairies and British Columbia.


Pilot operates four locations in Toronto, including a combined Roastery and Tasting Bar. It is their goal to recreate the experience of their tasting bar here in Seattle, which includes optimizing the space to facilitate interaction and engagement with guests. Pilot hosts weekly public training sessions and will be offering these free of charge to our guests at the La Marzocco Cafe.


A selection of Pilot’s favorite single origin coffees will be seen on their menu including an exclusive and limited edition “Gesha Honey” lot from Guatemala’s Finca Catalan de las Mercedes.


We are looking forward to welcoming Pilot Coffee Roasters to the La Marzocco Cafe! Their Residency begins Tuesday, December 6.

Again, we want to thank Panther Coffee for such a great month and for bringing a part of the Miami coffee scene to Seattle. If you haven’t yet been in to try their coffees, make sure to do so by Monday, December 5.

Photo Menu: Panther Coffee

We are thrilled to have Miami-based Panther Coffee as our Roaster in Residence at the La Marzocco Cafe for the month of November. Husband and wife team Joel and Leticia Pollock started Panther in 2010 and have turned their company into a growing and locally appreciated business, now a roaster, retailer and wholesaler. They are excited to be sharing coffee in the Pacific Northwest as Portland, OR was their home prior to Miami. By living on both coasts, Joel and Leticia have identified certain coffee preferences between the two and have created two signature blends, East Coast and West Coast, based on these observations. Following is an exploration of their menu and information on some of the events that they will host while here.


When ordering an espresso drink off of Panther’s menu, the default blend served will be East Coast. To try the West Coast blend, just ask our barista then let us know–are you East Coast or West?


Panther’s Cold Brew Nitro is their Cold Brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas. The coffee itself has notes of chocolate, hazelnut, nougat and black cherry. When infused with nitrogen it becomes a creamy, stout-like drink. Guests can order it black, or white with the addition of half and half and house made vanilla bean syrup.


Cascara–the commonly discarded husks of the coffee cherry–can be made into a fruity, floral tea which can then be reduced and sweetened into a syrup. Try it during Panther’s Residence mixed with sparkling water as a Cascara Soda:


Or, mixed with espresso and steamed milk as a Cascara Cortado:


Guests will see both Cortadito and Cortado listed on Panther’s menu. A Cortadito is a single shot of espresso with 1.5 ounces of steamed milk, while a Cortado is a double shot of espresso with 2.5 ounces of steamed milk.


Panther’s menu also includes a robust list of single origin coffees made-to-order and brewed by Chemex. These include: Finca Kilimanjaro and Finca Himalaya from El Salvador, Finca la Amistad and Finca el Kilometro from Nicaragua and Gera Farm from Ethiopia.


Tea lovers will enjoy a selection of Miami-based JoJo teas this month. Each tea is brewed with its own brewing parameters and includes: Breakfast Black from India, Green Jasmine Pearls from China and Chamomile Herbal from Egypt.


Panther has two events lined up this month that guests won’t want to miss. First up, meet coffee producer Aida Batlle, who was raised in Miami and described by The New Yorker as, “a fifth-generation coffee farmer and a first-generation coffee celebrity.” She will be giving a presentation at 4 pm on Monday, November 14 and everyone present will have the opportunity to sample her incredible Finca Kilimanjaro coffee, roasted by Panther.


Finally, Panther will be hosting a latte art competition at the La Marzocco Cafe on Thursday, December 1st from 6-8 pm. Come to watch or compete! There’s a $5 buy-in for competitors with a Winner Takes All first place prize! Head to our events page for more details and make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. To view Panther’s full menu head here.

La Marzocco Cafe News – November: Thank-you Intelligentsia and Panther Preview

Throughout October, guests to the La Marzocco cafe have been treated with Intelligentsia’s thoughtful coffee menu and creative tea program.  We’ve had the privilege of having several of their team members join us in Seattle to host complimentary classes with topics ranging from milk preparation to home barista tips to getting that perfect extraction.

Intelligentsia at La Marzocco Cafe

A highlight of the month was Intelligentsia’s 21st birthday party – a raucous celebration here in the cafe complete with piñatas, pizza, and age-appropriate drinks!

The custom ceramic espresso and cappuccino sets made by notNeutral just to mark the occasion of this month’s residency are just one way Intelligentsia demonstrated their attention to detail.  We’d like to extend a huge thank you to those who worked behind the scenes, those who traveled to the cafe and everyone else at Intelligentsia who worked so hard to make their residency a success. To our guests who haven’t yet checked out their menu, we highly recommend doing so before we switch to our new resident on November 2nd.

In November, guests at the café will have the opportunity to experience coffee culture from the Southeastern-most part of the country, as we welcome Panther Coffee from Miami, Florida.

Panther Coffee

Founders Joel and Leticia Pollock, who have 30 years of combined experience in the coffee industry, visited Miami in 2008 while still living in Portland, Oregon. During their trip, they realized specialty coffee was non-existent in Miami and were inspired to move to the area to start both their family and their company. In 2010, Panther Coffee was born. It began as a roastery, but quickly expanded with a first retail location that opened in 2011. The family-owned business–and the specialty coffee it serves–has been embraced by Miami, and today Panther has three retail locations with plans for a fourth, in addition to a coffee education lab.

Panther Exterior in Miami

Panther’s team works closely with coffee growers, selecting green coffee based on taste as well as individuality and origin. It is then meticulously roasted in small batches, with care taken to highlight the natural sweetness and subtle flavors of each coffee, before being thoughtfully served to guests. Two espresso blends will be offered on Panther’s menu: East Coast and West Coast. The East Coast blend boasts a creamy mouth feel, medium body, with notes of chocolate and a sugarcane-like sweetness. The West Coast blend has a lighter body with notes of malted chocolate and grape with a silky finish. The single origin coffee being served all month will be Finca Kilimanjaro from El Salvador produced by Aida Batlle.

Panther Coffee

Help us welcome Panther Coffee to Seattle at their Launch Party on Wednesday, November 2 from 6-9 PM. Food and drinks will be served, including Miami-inspired empanadas and a special cascara mimosa. KEXP’s own DJ Morgan will be playing a special mix of Pacific Northwest indie rock, pulling our two coasts together for a fun evening of food, drinks and music.

Panther Coffee begins their residency on Wednesday, November 2nd.

Photo Menu: Intelligentsia Coffee Tea

The La Marzocco Cafe welcomed Chicago’s Intelligentsia Coffee last week as our Roaster in Residence for the month of October. Through their impeccable service and dedication to quality, we can see that Intelligentsia recognizes and honors the amount of time and energy it takes for a coffee plant to reach its ultimate destination: a beverage being enjoyed by a customer. Our team at the cafe is excited to share Intelligentsia’s creative menu with our guests this month. In addition to their rotating coffee menu and their robust Kilogram Tea offering, Intelligentsia has a month packed full of classes and events for the Seattle community and those who travel here from beyond. Following are some highlights from their menu and information on their events.


Intelligentsia’s Black Cat Classic Espresso Blend is the default choice for most espresso drinks on the menu. This is their signature blend, comprised of 75% pulped natural coffee and 25% of a complementary washed coffee. The blend may vary each season, but always offers a flavor profile of dark chocolate and cherries. As an alternative to the Black Cat Classic, there will also be a rotating single origin espresso offered. These single origin coffees tend to be lighter and brighter than the Black Cat Classic and will be listed on the menu by their region and country. Brewed coffee will be prepared using either v60 or Chemex and will be selected each day based on sweetness, balance and clarity, and prepared to order.


Tea lovers will be thrilled with Intelligentsia’s offering of Kilogram Teas. The daily menu includes black, green, oolong, and herbal choices. Pictured below is the Kabuse Okabe, a green tea which boasts both sweetness and umami.


For a total herbal pick-me-up, guests should try the Hot Turmeric Tonic. It’s bright yellow color foretells the flavor bomb of turmeric, ginger, lemon and lime.


Guests will also find sparkling teas–on tap! These are cold, a little bubbly and very refreshing. Pictured below is the King Crimson Sparkling Tea that features an infusion of hibiscus, lemongrass and citrus.


Matcha, a finely-powdered green tea, gets its own section on Intelligentsia’s menu! Try this earthy, antioxidant-packed tea warm (matcha latte), iced (iced matcha, iced matcha latte) or even as a matcha shake!


And speaking of shakes, Intelligentsia has two more on their menu. First, the Black Cat Shake is made with a single extraction of espresso blended with Salt & Straw Double Fold Vanilla Ice Cream then garnished with whipped cream and espresso powder. Second, the Chocolate Champ Shake is made by blending chocolate ganache with Salt & Straw Double Fold Vanilla Ice Cream, then garnished with whipped cream and a chocolate square.


Intelligentsia has planned some exciting classes and events during their time as our resident roaster. This month, the company celebrates their 21st birthday and will be hosting a party here at the cafe on Sunday, October 9. It will be free and open to the public and will include a cocktail competition featuring Intelligentsia’s Cold Brew!


Special guests will be arriving throughout the month to teach classes and interact with our staff and guests. The first two classes will be hosted by Jesse Raub, Chicago Wholesale Educator and will cover brew variables, methods and how to ensure perfect extraction, as well as a Q&A session on preparing coffee and espresso at home. Next up will be Doug Palas, Kilogram’s Director of Tea, speaking about sourcing teas and Intelligentsia’s unique sparkling tea program. Then, we’ll welcome Geoff Watts, Intelligentsia Vice President and green coffee buyer, for a special evening session on issues related to Direct Trade, sustainability, and Intelligentsia’s Extraordinary Coffee Workshop. Finally, Matt Barahura, West Coast Wholesale Educator will be here to host a class on espresso and milk preparation.


For more details on event dates and times, head on over to our events calendar and to see Intelligentsia’s full menu for the month, head here.