La Marzocco Cafe News: November – Thank you Belleville Brûlerie and Quills Coffee Preview

It’s been a magical month at the La Marzocco Cafe. The cooler weather, fall foliage and delicious Parisian coffee have created a welcome, cozy ambiance. We’ve enjoyed the intentional simplicity of Belleville Brûlerie’s menu and trust that guests have savored a French take on specialty coffee. It was an honor to have Belleville’s co-founder David Flynn in Seattle to train our team and launch the residence. Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to David and the entire crew at Belleville Brûlerie, and their own cafe– La Fontaine de Belleville–for creating the inspiration and working hard to implement their residence.

For those who have yet to try the current menu, we’re serving half-off Hot Chocolate or Chocolat Chaud for the kids during KEXP’s 2nd Annual Halloween Open House! Bring the family for this all-ages, free event taking place Tuesday, October 31 from 11 AM – 5 PM.

Belleville Brûlerie’s menu will be served through Monday, November 6.

Next up, we welcome Quills Coffee from Louisville, Kentucky as our next Roaster in Residence. Get ready for a month full of Kentucky hospitality and bourbon – along with lots of good coffee, of course!

Quills Coffee was founded ten years ago by Nathan Quillo. Nudged by his blooming passion for coffee, his vision was formed to create a space in Louisville where other coffee lovers could fuel their own passions and find community. Nathan’s brother Gabe soon joined him and together the two began to remodel a space that would eventually become the original Quills. Since then, Quills has opened additional shops in Louisville, New Albany and Indianapolis and has a growing list of wholesale customer brewing their coffee around the country. Their vision for connecting with others who share their passion has come full-circle as they now create connections and foster relationships with coffee producers around the globe.

The good people at Quills and our team at the La Marzocco Cafe are working hard to finalize all the details for their residence, so mark your calendars for the following events!

Quills Launch Day – Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Be the first to taste the new menu! We’re excited to try a cup of Quills 10-year Anniversary Limited Edition Blend, Horsefeathers and their Salted Caramel Bourbon Latte made with Willett’s bourbon. There’s also word of Quills waffles made in-house! With four signature drinks, three daily options for espresso, and several manual and batch brew selections, this menu has something for all.

Quills Launch Party: Campfire Latte Art Throwdown – Friday, November 10, 6–9 PM

Come compete or cheer someone on! Free admission for spectators and $10 buy-in for up to 24 competitors. Competitors will be pouring into camp-style mugs and will each go home with one. Sign-up at the door to compete. Campfire Latte’s and espresso will be served as well as beer, Old Fashioned cocktails and Willett bourbon. Tacos will be available in the courtyard from El Cabrito.

Willett Bourbon Tasting – Thursday, November 30, 6–8 PM 

Willett Distillery located in Bardstown Kentucky is celebrating the 80th anniversary of when Thompson Willett and his family put their first barrels into storage. We love the collaboration between Quills and their fellow Kentucky family business. Lee Sill from Quills will introduce the current owners of Willett who will lead a conversation surrounding their bourbon followed by a tasting and Q&A. Tickets to this event will be limited to 40 attendees and will cost $40 each.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be notified when tickets for the Willett Bourbon Tasting go on sale, and for more information on all happenings at the La Marzocco Cafe.

Menu Overview- Belleville Brûlerie

The La Marzocco Cafe has been made over with bright blue worker jackets, handpainted signs en français and delicious French coffee. Belleville Brûlerie, a wholesale roastery in France, began its month long residence last week with a menu inspired by its own Parisian sidewalk cafe, La Fontaine de Belleville. In addition to sharing great coffee with Seattle, Co-founder David Flynn is intent on making people feel comfortable and giving them a good experience. Read on as we explore Belleville’s menu and head over to the Cafe between now and November 6 to indulge in it!  


At La Fontaine de Belleville, espresso is pulled slightly longer than the Italian ristretto, an updated version of what one would find in a classic French bistro. Choose from one of two blends during Belleville’s residence in Seattle – La Fontaine de Belleville, or its latest, Chateau Belleville which is being launched here! Each component in Chateau Belleville is a high quality coffee that could easily stand alone, and as a blend becomes big, jammy, and reminiscent of a French bordeaux. 


The Allongé is an extremely popular drink in France, a happy medium between an espresso shot and an Americano. It is short enough to pack a flavor punch with great texture, and long enough to enjoy while catching up on the day’s news. 

Filtre du Jour 

In France, filter coffee is not-so-lovingly referred to as jus de chaussette, or sock juice. Belleville Brûlerie therefore, makes it a goal to have the best sock juice around! For its residence, filter coffee will rotate between the Chateau Belleville blend and three delightful single origin coffees. Not to miss is the Neptaly Bautista from Honduras. With flavors of tropical fruit and honey, it was the first coffee purchased by Belleville and the entire specialty harvest is purchased by them each year. 

Café Crème 

The Café Crème is the quintessential French milk drink, made just a little smaller than a cappuccino. It is the perfect beverage to enjoy alongside a cookie or some shortbread – and yes, dunking is encouraged! Pictured below with a Sablé au Romarin, a French-style butter cookie flavored with fresh rosemary.  

Chocolat Chaud 

As noted on the menu, Chocolat Chaud is a big deal in France and the children would revolt if they were not allowed to drink it. We assume some adults might too. Belleville’s Chocolat Chaud is made with 70% Valrhona chocolate discs added to milk then steamed. For a truly authentic experience, pair it with the Classic Tartine – toasted baguette with salted butter and seasonal jam.  

The Countryside Tartine 

For a more substantial treat, this tartine is a must. Fresh goat cheese, Washington State wildflower honey, olive oil and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes top toasted country-style bread baked by The London Plane. It’s sweet, savory and spicy all in one.  

To read more about Belleville Brûlerie and their cafe, La Fontaine de Belleville, we recommend this article written last year by our friends at Sprudge. To view Belleville’s menu at the La Marzocco Cafe, head here. 

La Marzocco Cafe News: October – Thank you Olympia Coffee and Belleville Brûlerie Preview

As our team at the La Marzocco Cafe prepares to welcome Belleville Brûlerie from Paris, France, they will continue to pour themselves into serving Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.’s menu for the next week. While learning about French service style and drink recipes behind the scenes, including how to prepare an Allongé – a French take on a short Americano – our team will continue to dial in more than a handful of coffees each day, serving them all to Olympia’s exact specifications. If you have not yet been in to taste Olympia’s coffees, we do hope you’ll take the chance to come in and enjoy their beautiful single origin selections.

We want to pass along our appreciation to everyone at Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. for the tremendous effort in helping us successfully execute our coffee service over the past month. Special thanks goes to Oliver Stormshak, Sam Schroeder, Honor Forte and Adam Kovatovich for working so hard with our team. It’s been an honor serving your coffee and we’re thrilled that you’ll soon be our neighbors over in West Seattle!

On October 10th, we’ll welcome Parisian roasting company Belleville Brûlerie to the Cafe as our next Roaster in Residence!

Belleville Brûlerie began in 2013 when owners David Flynn and Thomas Lehoux could not find the quality of coffee and level of service they were looking for among the existing roasters in Paris. La Fontaine de Belleville is their first cafe and we love its commitment to specialty coffee alongside a traditional French cafe atmosphere. From Belleville Brûlerie:

“La Fontaine de Belleville is housed in a cafe space that has been in continuous operation since at least 1915 and that history is imbued in everything we do. From the design of our cafe with handmade wicker chairs and the original copper bar to the hard boiled eggs on the counter we’ve tried to update and honour the tradition of the french sidewalk cafe. We have chosen to make traditional french coffee beverages and to serve them alongside the traditional cafe items such as beer, wine, cheese and charcuterie. Our commitment to quality is total and we have tried to update traditional products with excellent quality options working with artisanal suppliers for almost all of our offerings. We have also adapted our service style to the french cafe setting. What this means is that while our baristas are very knowledgeable about coffee (and indeed all of our products) the initial approach is one that puts the focus on the client and the daily banter that is the hallmark of French cafe life. La Fontaine de Belleville is about that interaction. Newspapers are always freely available on our copper bar and you can almost always find the staff chatting with clients about the news of the day or a funny story that happened to a client the day before. This openness of service and lively atmosphere provides us with an opening to introduce people to amazing coffee, often people who have never tried it before. We believe that specialty coffee can fit seamlessly into a traditional French cafe setting without snobbery or exclusion.”

Belleville Brûlerie hopes to bring to Seattle the dreamy feel of a French sidewalk cafe. The menu will include traditional French drinks as well as a selection of Tartine’s and French pastries made in collaboration with The London Plane. Newspapers will be available for guests and daily banter with the baristas is encouraged! We’re already dreaming of dipping a classic Tartine with butter and jam into a perfectly poured Café Crème while reading the day’s printed news.

To launch their residence, Belleville Brûlerie is hosting an evening of jazz with international performing trumpet player Hermon Mehari on Wednesday, October 11. When owners Flynn and Lehoux took over La Fontaine de Belleville, they found out that 20 years previously it had been a popular jazz venue in Paris. They have since revived it to once again include concerts every Saturday by some of the best jazz musicians in Paris, a program that Mehari himself organizes. For a quintessential French evening, guests are invited to come for the music, coffee, wine and french bites catered by Vif Coffee and Wine.

For more information about this event and to let us know you’re coming, head here. To stay up-to-date with all announcements and events at the La Marzocco Cafe follow along on our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Menu Overview: Olympia Coffee Roasting Company

As we embrace the beginning of fall here in the Pacific Northwest, we are thrilled to have a resident at the La Marzocco Cafe that shares the seasons with us – Olympia Coffee Roasting Company. As long time friends and partners of La Marzocco, it’s an honor to host them in Seattle. Olympia has exclusively used our espresso machines since the company began, and for its residence, all espresso drinks will be made on our Strada AV. Guests are invited to line up at the machine and explore the menu. Read on for some of the highlights!


There are two espresso options on the menu, including Olympia’s primary espresso, Sweetheart. Sweetheart is a rotating, seasonal single origin coffee. Sam Schroeder, co-owner of Olympia Coffee points out that, “Sweetheart intentionally does not try to achieve a consistent flavor profile, but rather provides our guests with a seasonal variety of flavors specific to a given moment.” The Sweetheart concept is one way the company implements its overall goal of “Quality Coffee and Quality of Life.” Schroeder goes on to explain, “If we feature a farmer’s coffee as Sweetheart Espresso, we can buy over 10 times as much coffee from that farmer than if we were to feature it as filter coffee alone. This has the ability to create much stronger bonds with farmers and improve quality of life at origin.” The current version of Sweetheart Espresso is from the Kirinyaga District of Kenya, where the coffee has grown on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. It’s a dynamic espresso with flavors of citrus, caramel and berry.

Pour Over Coffee

Rotating throughout the residence is Olympia’s full offering of single origin coffees, brewed via pour over. There are five options offered daily with a Barista’s Pick based on what our baristas are loving that day. Though it does offer a blend to wholesalers, Olympia’s retail menu is very focused on single origins. Schroeder explains, “We do an immense amount of work with farmers to source and develop specific coffees. For example, I think of the coffees we have from Ricardo Ariz, four specific coffees from one farm in El Salvador. These coffees are so intentional and dynamic on their own and we want to present them in their pure form.” All four of Ricardo Ariz’s coffees will be available during Olympia’s residence. We recommend trying them all to experience the variations in coffee even from within the same farm.

Cold Coffee

Olympia has two selections on tap daily – refreshing cold coffee and smooth nitro cold coffee. Both are currently made with Olympia’s Kenya Kirinyaga Sweetheart. Or, try Olympia’s bottled options – one made with an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and the other, Olympia’s Big Truck Organic Blend. While the coffees in Big Truck change with the seasons, its flavor profile of sweet chocolate and ripe berries remains the same. The current blend is created with Direct Trade Colombia San Fermin Organic and Ethiopia Adisu Kindane Natural Organic.

Ice Cream Drinks

We’ve teamed up with Molly Moon’s for another month of sweet coffee and ice cream creations. Try a Nitro Float, an Espresso Milkshake, or an Affogato. All are made with the perfect ratio of Olympia coffee to Molly Moon’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.


We’ll be brewing tea from Rishi Tea for Olympia’s residence. The tea menu has a nice selection of black, green, herbal and oolong teas. Other than with a warm cup of coffee, we can’t think of a better way to welcome the fall season than with a comforting mug of Rishi Earl Grey.


Try a sampling of Olympia’s coffee’s as folks from their team will be hosting our weekly Friday Coffee Tastings at 10 AM for the duration of their residence. Here’s what’s coming up in the next three weeks:

  • Friday, September 22: Shared Terroir, Explore four distinct coffees from one farm

Presented by Sam Schroeder, Director of Education, 2015 NW Barista Champion

  • Friday, September 29: Processing and its role in coffee’s flavor

Presented by Honor Forte, Director of Sales, 2014 NW Brewer’s Cup Champion

  • Friday, October 6: Varietals, from classics to the exotic

Presented by Sam Schroeder, Director of Education, 2015 NW Barista Champion

We’ll be serving Olympia Coffee’s menu through October nine. To see the full coffee and tea menus head here.

La Marzocco Cafe News: September – Thank you Coffee Supreme and Olympia Coffee Preview

With just a week left in Coffee Supreme’s residence at the La Marzocco Cafe, there is still a lot of good coffee to experience and two big events not to miss!

In addition to their current line-up of coffee, Supreme has introduced a Limited Blend for the last two weeks of their residence. With notes of orange, black currant and cacao, it is made to be brewed as espresso and we recommend trying it as a pure shot or in an elegant cappuccino.

Together with Coffee Supreme and Cafe Imports, we will be hosting the 2017 United States AeroPress Championship at the Cafe this Wednesday, September 6. It will be an evening of intense competition as the competitors battle for the United States title and a trip to Seoul, Korea to compete in the World Championships. We’d love to have a huge crowd cheering them on – spectator tickets are still available for just one dollar and include complimentary coffee and beer. Hope to see you there!

Then on Friday, September 8, join us and the crew from Supreme as they host a final “Supreme Meets” at the Cafe from 8-10 AM. Bring a friend and enjoy a morning of good company, coffee and toast – on the house!

As their residence comes to a close, we send our sincere thanks all the way down to New Zealand and Australia where Coffee Supreme calls home. We know it takes the effort of many hands to launch a residence and we want each one to know how much we appreciate the hard work. We specifically want to thank Al Keating, Douglas Johns, Sophie Evans, Patrick Janowicz, and Jonny Calder. From providing countless details to training our staff, haggling with US customs and traveling across the globe, you are all legends! It’s been a pleasure serving your coffee and representing the fun and hospitable company that is Coffee Supreme.

Heading towards fall, we are delighted to welcome our friends from Olympia Coffee Roasting Company as our next Resident beginning September 12! With several cafe’s across the city serving their beans, Olympia Coffee is no stranger to Seattle. Their residence at the Cafe however, will serve as somewhat of a sneak-peak into October, when they are scheduled to open their first location outside of Olympia right here in West Seattle. From Olympia:

“Since our inception we have exclusively used La Marzocco espresso machines. Their commitment to the highest quality and innovation in coffee aligns perfectly with our company. We partner directly with coffee farmers to generate beautiful coffees and are thrilled by the opportunity to share those coffees and stories directly with the community in Seattle.”

 As a company, Olympia attests that they are, “devoted to improving the quality of life for their coffee farmers, staff and customers through a passion for sourcing, roasting and brewing the finest coffees from around the world.” This passion has lead them to win a plethora of awards since opening in 2005, including Roast magazine’s Micro Roaster of the Year in 2013.

Co-owners Oliver Stormshak and Sam Schroeder will be present along with several other team members for Olympia’s launch party on Friday, September 15th. All are welcome to join for an fun evening of coffee community and music as local Pacific Northwest band Math and Physics Club will take the stage. Light snacks, drinks and Olympia coffee will be served. Head here for all the launch party details.

Each week of their residence, Olympia will host our Friday Coffee Tastings at 10 AM. The following is a breakdown of what will be presented each week:

September 15 – Roast Profiles

Oliver Stormshak, Green Coffee Buyer and Master Roaster


September 22 – Shared Terroir, Explore four distinct coffees from one farm

Sam Schroeder, Director of Education, 2015 NW Barista Champion


September 29 – Processing and its role in coffee’s flavor

Honor Forte, Director of Sales, 2014 NW Brewer’s Cup Champion


October 6 – Varietals, from classics to the exotic

Sam Schroeder, Director of Education, 2015 NW Barista Champion


These tastings are free and open to anyone who would like to join!

Be sure to come by the Cafe if you have not yet experienced Coffee Supreme’s menu, or to pick up some of their signature merchandise – barista socks, t-shirts and mugs! We will continue to serve their menu through September 11 and then we welcome Olympia Coffee on September 12.

Celebrating The London Plane + La Marzocco Cafe

On Sunday, July 30 a special coffee and pastry pairing was held at the La Marzocco Cafe to celebrate the relationship between the Cafe and The London Plane. After a brief introduction, guests were invited to sample bites of London Plane pastries – each paired with different coffee hand selected by Cafe Experience Coordinator, Lucas Rickerson. It was a delectable afternoon and we were happy to have so many guests join us for the tasting. We are honored to be able to have a continuing relationship with The London Plane by offering their delightful pastries and bread to our guests. Read on to learn more about the beloved Seattle company and how our relationship formed.


Since opening its doors in 2014, The London Plane has risen to icon status in the Seattle restaurant scene. Spearheaded by Matt Dillon, James Beard award winning chef and restaurateur, this unique space is known for its innovative combination of café, floral shop, artisanal grocer, and bakery, that draws locals and visitors alike back time and again.

london plane

The London Plane bakery takes inspiration from baked goods from around the world and are made with sustainable, local ingredients. From cakes and cookies to biscuits and tarts, their collective 50 years of baking experience is evident in the excellence and creativity of everything they produce. We chatted with Yasuaki Saito, General Manager of The London Plane, to get some background on the space and the origins of their bakery program:

“The London Plane, located in a renovated historic bank building fronting the plane trees that line Pioneer Square’s Occidental Plaza is a modern, airy space housing a restaurant, a cafe, a specialty foods grocery, a florist, and a bakery. This one-stop market is a collaboration between Katherine Anderson, owner of Marigold & Mint and M & M Botanicals, and Matthew Dillon, owner of Sitka & Spruce, The Corson Building, Old Chaser Farm, and Bar Ferd’nand. They are both Seattle natives who met through mutual connections & the small business network of the Melrose Market on Capitol Hill. They share an aesthetic affinity as well as a desire to make a positive impact on their hometown & our re-emerging neighborhood.  

The bakery component began as part of the pastry & bread baking happening at Matt’s other restaurants headed up by pastry chef Sarah Ellsworth (now at Canlis) & Michael Sanders, bread baker & owner of Plane Bread. In the portion of its identity as an all-day restaurant & cafe, the idea of baked goods made in house was at the core of the business model. As the shop developed, so did its reputation for the best quality ingredients and the tastiest recipes for everything from biscuits to cookies.”

When we began the search for a pastry partner at the La Marzocco Cafe, we wanted a partner that would match the quality and passion of the roasters and cafe’s that we are proud to showcase. The London Plane was the ideal candidate. Saito explains how that partnership came to be:

“With the impending opening of La Marzocco’s Cafe coinciding with the expansion of the London Plane’s operation into a new commissary kitchen next door to our main location, a wholesale relationship was born. In addition to Matt’s familiarity with The La Marzocco team in Seattle, I was also fortunate enough to know Joe Monaghan (President of La Marzocco USA) through my time at Stumptown & the Woodsman Group in PDX.  Scott Guglielmino (Product Manager for La Marzocco) introduced us to Amy Hattemer (General Manager at the La Marzocco Cafe) and she has been an absolute joy to work with on the project.  

We all believed it would be a great match even though we didn’t know how it would be received or how the monthly transitions would work. Over the course of the first year, both La Marzocco & the London Plane created new facets of our respective businesses & grew them in accordance with that belief. Although we all have experience in the general operations we started, in some ways we’ve had to make it up as we went along. We have added savory components & bread to the menus. We change the base offerings seasonally. We try to engage each resident with options for customization as with the Four Barrel doughnuts as a nod to their SF relationship with Dynamo. The overlapping of our philosophies (tradition, craft, quality, service) made us good partners to start. Our collaborative spirits have allowed the relationship to blossom.”


Our cafe manager Amy Hattemer played a large part in forging the relationship, and admits there was a mutual affinity for one another:

“We at La Marzocco have been friends with the London Plane team for quite some time, I believe sharing a bit of a mutual company crush. The stars aligned and right as we were opening our cafe, The London Plane was opening its commissary kitchen. We were lucky enough to be one of their first wholesale customers.”

The entire gathering space itself has been an exciting opportunity to cross-collaborate, an experience that London Plane and Saito have enjoyed being a part of:

“La Marzocco’s Cafe in KEXP’s New Home has been a runaway success. Marrying two Seattle icons (Coffee & Music!) in one space has become a true community gathering space for Seattleites and tourists alike. We collaborated with KEXP during the recent Upstream Music Fest. We have had the chance to cater events at the New Home for both La Marzocco and KEXP.  The benefits have been tremendous for us as we have been able to feed more people and expand our brand. We hope we have added to the experience & satisfaction of all the people involved with the cafe and its residencies, the staff of KEXP and the everyday visitors to La Marzocco. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the group story we are telling and are humbled to be able to serve our collective guests.”

Hattemer shares in this sentiment and gratitude to have forged such a partnership:

Working with the London Plane for each residency offers us a unique opportunity to not only have a strong food program each month, but to also expand what we offer with each new resident through the creative relationship that our teams share. We would not be able to do any of this without the incredible communication and imaginative talents that our teams share and we are eternally grateful.”

For information about events like these and all happenings at the La Marzocco Cafe, follow along on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Residence Overview: Coffee Supreme

Coming to us all the way from New Zealand and Australia, Coffee Supreme has taken over the La Marzocco Cafe as our newest Roaster in Residence! Every company we’ve had in residence has brought something unique, something they as a company are proud of and want to share. Whether it be their focus on farming and sourcing, coffee education, or partnering with other local companies, each Resident brings something new that we at the Cafe get to wrap our minds around and reproduce here in Seattle. For Coffee Supreme, that special something is hospitality. For the folks at Supreme, what happens around a cup of coffee is just as important as what’s in the cup–if not more. That’s not to say the quality of their coffee is not important, however. After almost 25 years of roasting, they do that very well, too. Read along for some of the highlights of their residence.


One way Coffee Supreme shows their hospitality back home is by hosting what they call Supreme Meets. Here, they offer complimentary coffee and toast while enjoying a morning of conversation with guests and friends. Supreme launched their residence last week with a Seattle edition of Supreme Meets, and will host one more on Friday, September 8th from 8 – 10 AM. Don’t miss out, this is a fun way to connect with friends or meet new ones, and to enjoy community over a cup of coffee.


When ordering a drink during Supreme’s residency, guests will be offered a glass of water and all orders to stay will be presented on trays. The cheeky tray liners talk about the company, offer ways to stay in touch and remind guests what coffee they are drinking. For the first three weeks of their residence, Coffee Supreme will be serving their signature Supreme Blend for all espresso drinks followed by their seasonal Limited Blend for the last two weeks. A lineup of filter coffees are listed on the menu and will change daily.


Guests will notice a simple “Espresso Drinks with Milk” listed on the menu. Not sure how to order? As part of their desire to be hospitable, Supreme wants you to be able to order what you like. Fancy a latte, a cortado, or a flat white? Milk, or milk alternative? Let the barista know and they’ll get you want you want!


For a super summery option, try Supreme’s cold filter coffee that’s brewed hot then chilled. Take it up a notch and add in some Naughty Milk–a mix of organic whole and sweetened condensed milk. Just enjoy it, mates.

SupremeColdFilter2 Need something to eat to go along with your coffee? Coffee Supreme has that covered. With four tasty toast options, there’s something for every palate, and all are served on thick slices of sourdough from The London Plane. A popular choice has been Smoke & Fire, Supreme’s twist on avocado toast. Imported from New Zealand, Fix & Fogg’s spicy, crunchy peanut butter is layered with creamy, sliced avocado. Pictured clockwise below we have Smoke & Fire, Peter Miller on Toast, Dill’s Grills, and What’s the Crack, Butter.


We hope you’ll come enjoy Coffee Supreme while in residence at the Cafe! They’ll be with us through September 11. For full toast descriptions and to see the entire menu, head here.

La Marzocco Cafe News: August- Thank you Four Barrel and Coffee Supreme Preview

We’ve had a beautiful, balmy month in Seattle–perfect weather for our guests to enjoy the newly released cold coffee currently being offered by Roaster in Residence, Four Barrel. Our team has served copious amounts of this coffee-on-tap, which unlike most cold coffee, is brewed hot then almost instantly cooled and kegged–a method that successfully preserves the flavors of the coffee. We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to taste this new drink before Four Barrel’s residence ends in just one week. On Wednesday, August 2 we’ll be offering one dollar off every purchase of Four Barrel’s cold coffee. Bring a friend and enjoy either the sweet and syrupy Houdini, or the bright and floral Limelight.


We’d like to send our thanks and many high-fives to the team at Four Barrel for being our Roaster in Residence for the past month and to all who worked so hard to make it a success. Special thanks goes out to Skip Colombo, Carrie Waye, Logan Greenwald, Mike Squires and owners Jeremy Tooker, Jodi Geren and Tal Mor.


As a company, La Marzocco is dedicated to bringing guests who visit our cafe the very best coffee from around the globe. We are pleased to introduce our next Roaster in Residence, Coffee Supreme, who quite literally hails from the other side of the world–New Zealand and Australia.


Coffee Supreme has been selling coffee and creating relationships for nearly 25 years. They have a long history in specialty coffee and their story is certainly worth a read. Here’s one line that especially resonates: “Since coffee began, it has been central to many cultures’ social comings-together, regardless of class or standing. It has become synonymous with generosity and sharing, and these are values we love.”

In addition to their menu, Coffee Supreme will be bringing what most certainly must be a part of their success and longevity–a strong company culture of generosity and hospitality alongside a heavy dose of creativity and fun!


For their launch event, Coffee Supreme will be generously hosting what has become a tradition for them: Supreme Meets. As described by Supreme, “Amazing things can happen over a cup of coffee. Here at Supreme, what happens around a shared cup of coffee is just as important as what’s in it. Supreme Meets is just that; filling the room with interesting, friendly people creates great conversations–who knows what might happen.”

Supreme Meets: Seattle Edition will be on Wednesday, August 9th from 8 AM to 10 AM. All are invited to come together to make toast, drink coffee and enjoy inspiring conversation!


The creative team at Supreme will be making over the Cafe with their quirky yet smart style and branding. From tray liners to barista socks to custom ceramics and pins, get ready for an instagrammable month! Watch out for loads of Aussie and Kiwi language as Coffee Supreme will do our first ever Instagram takeover. Be sure to follow along the first week of their residence when Creative Director Al Keating and Art Director Douglas Johns take the reins on the Cafe Instagram account and post from their Supreme view.


We’re thrilled to have Coffee Supreme on deck! We will begin serving their menu on Tuesday, August 8th and will continue to serve Four Barrel Coffee through Monday, August 7.


Photo Menu: Four Barrel Coffee

Less than 10 years ago, the founders of Four Barrel Coffee were in the midst of building out their first space–a roastery in San Francisco’s Mission District. Since then, they have forged ahead by opening two more cafe locations. Partnering with some incredible companies along the way, Four Barrel has become an integral and respected part of their community. We’re so pleased to have Four Barrel as the newest Roaster in Residence to the La Marzocco Cafe and are thrilled to be sharing their coffee here in Seattle. Read along for some of the highlights on their menu.


Slow Bar

When planning their takeover of the Cafe, Four Barrel wanted to recreate the concept of the Single Origin Slow Bar from their original shop. The Slow Bar offers Four Barrel’s Ethiopia Bulga espresso and the choice of four single origin coffees brewed via pour over. They include Colombia Andino, Rwanda Nyamulinda, Guatemala Los Yuc and Ethiopia Qorema. Guest’s who want to experience these coffees are encouraged to wander over to the Slow Bar, chat with the barista and enjoy the sweet nuances of single origin coffee. Slow Bar hours will be 10 am to 4 pm daily.


Cold Coffee

For years, the creators over at Four Barrel have been experimenting with cold coffee. Never satisfied with the results of traditional cold brew methods, their new–and soon to be patented method promises to deliver extravagant acidity, luscious sweetness and a clean, crisp finish. We’re happy to be offering all three of Four Barrel’s recently launched cold coffee options: Houdini which is sweet and syrupy, Limelight which is bright and floral, and Nitro which has all the sweetness of Houdini, infused with creamy nitro.


Toast Menu

Four Barrel’s menu includes four tasty toast options, an ode to The Mill which they co-opened with local Josey Baker Bread in 2013. Pictured below is the Strawberry Toast featuring Happy Girl Kitchen strawberry-lavender jam, and organic salted butter on molasses brown bread, paired with a Pink Flamingo–a Cortado made with strawberry milk.


Dandelion Chocolate

Another community company Four Barrel has partnered with is Dandelion Chocolate. All chocolate ganache for their residence is made in-house using Dandelion cocoa and includes a coconut milk vegan option as well. Clean, creamy and not too sweet the ganache is used for both the Mocha and Hot Chocolate.



The Cafe will continue to serve crowd favorite Old Tree Yunnan Red tea from Song Tea during Four Barrel’s residence as well as two herbal teas from California based company Leaves and Flowers. For a beautiful and super refreshing option, try the Iced Rosella Mint tea–an elegant mix of hibiscus flower, peppermint and stevia leaf.


Friendo Blendo

Four Barrel’s new packaging is almost as good as what’s inside. Their House Espresso Blend, Friendo Blendo is described best straight from the source:

“Citrus flavors swan dive into fresh berry full forward fold, which jumps or walks back into down dog, then ascends into a toffee sweetness sun salutation.” –Four Barrel Coffee

How can you argue with that? We recommend trying it in the Canski, a 4.5 oz Americano or  with some velvety steamed milk in a cappuccino.


We will be serving Four Barrel’s menu at the La Marzocco Cafe through Monday, August 7. Follow along with all the Cafe happenings on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

La Marzocco Cafe: July- Thank you Madcap and Four Barrel Preview

As the La Marzocco Cafe team gears up to switch Residents once again, we’d like to thank Madcap Coffee for an incredible month! It was an honor to kick off their residence during Negroni Week with three special drinks to benefit the International Rescue Committee. For the rest of the month, we’ve enjoyed highlighting different countries of coffee origin, as well as an impressive lineup of signature beverages and summery ice cream drinks. Madcap hosted a slew of classes and cuppings and we’ve been delighted to get to know some of their team members each week. Thanks to Madcap for being our continued partners and to all who worked so hard to make this residence a success. Grand Rapids is a lucky place to have you!


From Madcap’s Third Coast we move to the West Coast and welcome Four Barrel Coffee from San Francisco as our next Roaster in Residence! Four Barrel has been a staple in San Francisco’s Mission District since 2008. They are a company who aims to be good to their people, and good to the world. Check out their website here.


For their Residence, Four Barrel will be pulling inspiration from each of their Bay Area locations, which includes the single origin Slow Bar from their original Mission District shop. The Slow Bar provides a more intimate coffee exchange between baristas and guests. Anchored by the La Marzocco Linea Mini, this will take place along our back bar and will allow guests to experience a menu dedicated to single origin espresso and pour over coffee. The Slow Bar will be open daily from 10am to 4pm during Four Barrel’s residence.


Four Barrel will bringing along their signature Friendo Blendo espresso. With notes of citrus, berry and sweet toffee, this blend is beautiful on its own or swirled with steamed milk. According to Four Barrel, their cold coffee is, “the least oxidized, best-bodied cold coffee we’ve ever encountered,” so naturally we’re in eager anticipation to give it a whirl! The Pink Flamingo–described as a strawberry milk cortado–also has us delightfully curious. All drink additions will be made in-house including their almond-macadamia milk, chocolate ganache and dairy-free coconut chocolate ganache.


During the first week of their Residence, Carrie Waye, Head Trainer at Four Barrel will be at the cafe running Slow Bar shifts and hosting classes. Be sure to come say hello! Classes include: Better Brewing at Home, Espresso Preparation, Milk Preparation, Cupping and Sourcing, and a special Coffee Pairing with Dandelion Chocolate. Classes are free, but limited (one week only) and require an RSVP. Head to our event calendar for more information and to sign up.

If you haven’t yet been in to try Madcap’s menu, we highly recommend one of their refreshing signature drinks, ice cream beverages, or a shot of one of their beautiful single origin espressos. We’ll be serving Madcap Coffee through Monday, July 10 then welcome Four Barrel Tuesday, July 11.