We were very saddened to learn that, over this weekend, Daymond Jordan has passed away. He was a truly kind, warm, and generous person who left his mark on everyone at La Marzocco starting with his role as Starbucks’ first ever coffee tech in the early 1990s all the way up to the current year, where he dedicated time restoring espresso machines at the Bakke Coffee Museum. Thanks to his years installing, servicing, and training on La Marzocco equipment with Starbucks, Daymond was one of the foremost experts in La Marzocco technology. He often would assist our staff at trade shows and events, helping to set up espresso machines and making sure every visitor to the booth was greeted warmly. 

His smile and spirit always made everyone feel welcome whether he was installing equipment at a new cafe or greeting visitors behind his workbench near the entrance of the Bakke Coffee Museum. He truly understood how coffee was a way to bring people together, and his trailblazing work near the beginning of his career helped him spread that message to every new part of the country he traveled to in order to install coffee equipment.  

He was a kind and generous person and he will be missed by all of us at La Marzocco as well as the coffee community at large.