Sustainable Innovation

La Marzocco is based on a solid corporate culture, the awareness of which is combined with the close link with its historical heritage and "encourages the search for quality, excellence and innovation through an environment with a family atmosphere".

As a careful and caring global citizen, La Marzocco moves in the area of ​​Sustainable Innovation through three key areas: people / corporate inheritance, work environment / territory, and technologies.

people / corporate inheritance

Songwa Farm project

In 2007, in collaboration with two other leading members in the specialty coffee sector, La Marzocco invested in the Songwa Estates plantation in the south-eastern part of Tanzania, building a non-profit activity for educational and social purposes. Because? Marzocco produces espresso machines and coffee, as well as people whose livelihood depends on its growth, are a precious resource. Find out more HERE .

Culture is important

Marzocco passionately invests in artists – such as George Bates , Jon Contino , etc. – and initiatives that promote art and photography (such as the Jakob de Boer Origin exhibition) and currently sponsor a young sports promise who works as a bartender near the factory, Andrea Bolognesi . Furthermore, La Marzocco supports the cultural activities promoted by Museimpresa and the Tuscan Design Museum of which it is part.

People in the Center

La Marzocco is an employer that offers equal opportunities and actively promotes the growth and satisfaction of its employees through a curriculum aimed at basic, role and / or personal training.

Children’s Playroom

La Marzocco is happy to announce the opening of the Kids Playroom at the La Marzocco factory, an experiential and educational area where children can play and learn everything related to coffee and more! The space, full of colors and decorated with iconographic furniture reminiscent of the coffee and products of La Marzocco, is open to visitors of all ages. Find out more

Golden Lion

The Leone d’Oro award, a scholarship for middle and high school students, was launched during the 2015/2016 school year to promote school excellence among the children of La Marzocco employees. The only requirement was to present a year-end report with the best marks.

work environment / territory

Photovoltaic panels

La Marzocco produces electricity by converting solar energy into electricity, producing 100% of its electricity needs – up to 233 kW. The program is monitored daily through an Energy Brain which allows the company to collect exact data on its environmental impact. Waste management La Marzocco aims to design machines that can have minimal environmental impact. Where possible sustainable materials are used for components and packaging so that machines and packaging can be recycled. Furthermore, Marzocco adheres to a waste monitoring system for all those materials that are not subject to recycling.

Electric transport

La Marzocco uses a Renault Twizy to move around the factory and for technical interventions at the premises in the historic center of Florence. A charging station in the company allows you to recharge the vehicle using solar energy. In addition, since 2014 La Marzocco has been promoting the FIA’s Formula-e championship for its commitment to spreading electric cars around the world.

Charging station for electric vehicles

At first glance it looks like a petrol pump. On closer inspection is a DBT-CEV Quick Charger charging station for electric vehicles. DBT is a leading company in innovative solutions for charging electric vehicles and the column recently installed at the La Marzocco headquarters in Scarperia (Florence) is available for charging company vehicles and for those belonging to the staff, a further incentive to respect the environment and consider buying a vehicle that is eco-friendly.


Boiler insulation

La Marzocco believes in energy saving. Each model is equipped with isolated boilers, for a 20% increase in energy efficiency.

Eco mode

The PB Line model is equipped with a program that allows the machine to enter “stand-by” mode, improving energy efficiency. Marzocco plans to include this feature on all future models.

Temperature control

The sophisticated La Marzocco software allows you to control the temperature settings. On the Strada model, the individual brewing groups can be switched off during times of less work for greater energy savings.

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