When it was time to shoot new photos for Wally earlier this year, we knew exactly where we wanted to go: Houston, Texas. Our Spring facility (located just north of Houston) opened last year to better serve the South with equipment bench testing, an onsite Technical Area Manager, and a full equipment warehouse. Equipment tours are a great way for us to get excellent photos of our latest gear, but they also allow us to connect one-on-one with customers so that they can experience what it would be like to have a Wally in their own space.

Wally can either be connected directly to the steam boiler or attached to the steam wand itself, so setting it up at multiple locations in a single day was a snap. Because Wally uses a tilt platform and sensor to adjust both the angle and depth of steaming, no calibration was needed for each new set-up. Just plug it in, choose the recipe you want, and steam away. All in all, it was a great trip, and we got extremely valuable feedback—along with some killer photos that we are excited to show off.

The Tipping Point at 93′ Til

The Tipping Point‘s new location operates out of a restaurant, adding coffee service to the space in the morning when it would otherwise be closed. Here, the team experimented with placing Wally between the grinder and the machine to optimize workflow for a single barista—this let the baristas test out starting his milk before he even ground his coffee.

The Tipping Point at 93′ Til is located at 1601 W Main St, Houston, TX 77006.

You can follow their Instagram or visit 93′ Til’s official website.

Tenfold Coffee

Tenfold Coffee is a roastery and café in The Heights neighborhood of Houston. Here, Wally was a welcome companion to their Strada. Paired with a countertop pitcher rinser, Wally offered the baristas at Tenfold an opportunity to explore multitasking and connecting more with their customers. Tenfold is deeply connected to their community, and Wally’s hands-free nature allowed more opportunities for the baristas to connect with their regulars while it was hooked up on their bar.

Tenfold Coffee is located at 101 Aurora St, Houston, TX 77008.

You can follow their Instagram or visit their official website.

Luce Coffee Roasters

Luce Coffee Roasters’ main location is built for volume. Sporting a four-group Linea PB, their shop routinely has a line out the door, serving some of Houston’s best espresso. While their baristas felt confident in their ability to handle crowds, Wally offered them an opportunity to experiment with their workflow and timing. With four group heads running simultaneously, Wally was able to increase their steaming capacity to match the speed at which they pulled shots.

Luce Coffee Roasters has multiple locations in the Houston area.

You can follow their Instagram or visit their official website.