Thursday, January 15, 6PM

Stealth Coffee Systems

The majority of the espresso machines being used in the world today apply 9 bars (atmospheres) of pressure to the coffee as it is being brewed. Since the 1960’s, the pressure within the brewing process has usually been created by a rotary vane pump.

The rotary vane pump was a point of evolution in espresso technology. Prior to the rotary vane pump, espresso machines were commonly controlled by a piston lever, and before that, espresso machines brewed coffee with lower pressure, with almost no mechanical assistance. When the rotary vane pump was introduced, it allowed baristas to make coffee with just the flick of a switch.

As espresso machine technology has developed and changed over time, so has the beverage itself. Espresso started as a drink more similar to brewed coffee, then became more concentrated, and gained the gaseous foam we know as crema. As technology has continued to evolve, and more scientific study has been conducted about coffee, we are learning how to create various styles of espresso, introducing a variety of textures and flavor profiles.

Today’s baristas are far more aware of what goes into an espresso than the baristas of a few decades ago. Coffee origin, plant varieties, processing, and roasting all effect how a barista might approach turning coffee into espresso. Thus, it is the modern barista that has inspired the most recent espresso machine technology advances that are found in the La Marzocco Strada EP.

With the Strada EP, baristas are able to control all the variables of espresso extraction, including the stepless manipulation of pressure throughout the brewing process. We invite you to join us at Stealth Coffee Systems in Vancouver, British Columbia for an opportunity to explore and learn more about using pressure as a variable.

Thursday, January 15, 2015. 6PM

Stealth Coffee Systems

3727 2nd Ave Burnaby, BC V5C 3W6

  • Strada EP talk from Ryan Willbur
  • Explore multiple coffees with the Strada EP
  • Demo of the La Marzocco pressure profile editor
  • Pizza & beer!