Roasters Showcase is the occasional events series that we use to help our roaster partners shine: we invite the public to come and meet them, experience their coffees and hear about their philosophy of work. Roasters Showcase has been in existence for about two years; we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming a wide variety of roasters from across the US. Because our headquarters is in Seattle, many of our partners are challenged to make the trip and present their work in person.

This Friday, we’re going to try something new to try to overcome our geographical limitations. Madcap Coffee Roasters from Grand Rapids, MI will be presenting at Roasters Showcase.

Please join us this Friday, August 1 at 10:30 AM to learn more about Madcap, their approach to coffee, and to taste their delicious coffees as we cup them in our lab in Seattle. We will enjoy video presentations made by the crew at Madcap which will give us more insight into what goes into their coffee.

With this new style of showcase, we hope to be able to share and showcase coffees from roasters all over the North America. If you are not able to travel to Seattle, but would like to share your coffee in our lab, please email Ryan Willbur.