Today we’re pleased to extend a warm welcome our good friends at Marco as they spin up US-based operations.

La Marzocco USA has been the exclusive distributor of Marco products in the US since 2010, when the two companies came together to serve a common customer: specialty coffee companies in the US seeking the finest equipment to help showcase their coffees. Marco’s tradition of excellence in precision hot water delivery systems has offered an excellent complement to La Marzocco USA’s lineup of premium commercial espresso machines and grinders.

At the time our partnership was formed, both La Marzocco and Marco acknowledged that at some future point, it could make sense for Marco to establish their own presence in the US – in order to engage a broader set of customers than La Marzocco currently engages (extending to the tea category and other categories that have a need for precision hot water), offer a wider range of products, and to dedicate more focus and resources to building the Marco brand in the US.

We’re excited that time has come. Beginning today, Marco is establishing an office in the US to do just that: to sell and support US-based Marco customers. This is exciting news for all involved: for La Marzocco, for Marco, and most importantly, for our customers.

The Seattle-based team will serve the US market, and is comprised of a new sales manager, Anasasia Chovan, previously of UNIC, Coffee Equipment Company, and Espresso Specialists, Inc, among other specialty coffee roles; and a new customer support manager, Roger Wittmann, previously of La Marzocco USA, Bonavita, Coffee Equipment Company, and Espresso Specialists, Inc. We’re thrilled that Marco has brought on such a strong team, made up of people who we’ve worked with in the past.

Welcome Marco, and best of luck as you begin!