Malykke grinder first made its debut over two years ago but adoption in the U.S. has been somewhat slow. Part of it is the proliferation of pourover as the main brewed coffee method of choice but perhaps the main reason is the lack of understanding of how it works.

The main thing to understand is that it is a french press pot grinder, nothing more, nothing less. It is not designed for portion grinding for pourover, Chemex, or auto drip (though there is a “bag mode” for bulk grinding). It is designed for good looks (think Danish) and ease of use. As such, its canister hopper is meant to hold one type of coffee only.

Well, this is sorta strange, especially given how the typical coffee grinders work? What Malykke is trying to do is to present a whole new paradigm in french press preparation, a more elegant one at that.

Ninety Plus Coffee understands exactly that.  Knowing that french press has its place in particular hospitality applications, they have been working with uber quality focused clients such as Intercontinental Hotel on dedicated french press program: