A café that serves as a stage for specialty coffee. Featuring monthly, rotating coffees and coffee service, designed and curated by leading coffee voices from around the world.

Seattle Center Campus
472 1st Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109


Each month, a new, renowned coffee roaster or coffee brand from across the US or elsewhere in the world will take over our café space, implement a new menu, train our staff on their coffees and drink preparation, and curate a new experience for guests. Join us for something refreshing and new during each visit.

Cafe Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 7am—6pm
Friday: 7am—7pm
Saturday: 8am—7pm
Sunday: 8am—6pm

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Current Coffee Resident

Coffee Supreme has been trading since August ‘93, back when coffees were served in cups bigger than your cell phone, and latte art was actual art made from actual lattes, framed, and hung on feature-walls in cafes that were up three flights of stairs.

When we started out, we roasted coffee for ourselves, pretty much because we were some of the few people around to drink it. Two decades and several waves later, our focus has grown a little broader – our customers, our friends.

It’s tempting to get caught up in the latest and greatest, but we try to remember who we are doing this for and what it is we do best: roasting delicious coffee and, creating opportunities for people to share them together.

So, now we roast coffee for our amazing customers; be they café owners or enthusiastic home brewers – all coffee drinkers!

At the heart of Supreme is people, and the way coffee connects us.

We’d even go as far as to say that our core product is not actually coffee. Instead, it’s what happens over a coffee shared.