La Marzocco Tech Trainings

August 12, 2011 in Company

Did you know that every month La Marzocco offers a multiday, comprehensive training class on on all things technical? For those who want the technical know-how on LM equipment maintenance and repair, this is for you! Classes are free but advanced reservation is required. Please email training (at)

Goal: Introduce a person to the field technician profession; create a working understanding of the machines component’s and a familiarity with the principles of La Marzocco repair.


  • Basic coffee proficiency – grind/tamp/dose/extraction understanding
  • Basic plumbing proficiency – do you know how to turn off your sink’s water?
  • Basic electrical proficiency – AC vs DC & 220v vs 110v, Ohms/Watts/Amps
  • Comprehensive review before class of the “La Marzocco Training Manual”


  • Perform machine installation
  • Perform machine periodic maintenance
  • Perform steam wand and MP group rebuilds
  • Understand machine hydraulic and electrical systems and parts
  • Perform basic troubleshooting


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