Back to the Future: La Marzocco USA

July 13, 2010 in Company

It’s hard to believe it’s been ONE YEAR since we, La Marzocco USA, restarted the business and regained LM distribution in the USA from a not to be named, massively orange logoed,  superautomatic espresso machine company.

For those newer to the industry or never quite got the whole story, here’s a recap of how Kent Bakke and La Marzocco came to be and, along the way, helped to establish the specialty coffee industry that we now know today:

So who is La Marzocco USA now?

  • Kent Bakke, CEO: Friendliest guy you’ll ever meet. Depository of all things espresso and Italy. Human directory of all coffee people.
  • Joe Monaghan, President: The leader of the pack. Loves pizza and nougats.
  • John Blackwell, Tech Guy: If it’s mechanical, he knows how to fix it. Builds race cars, too.
  • Mike Lanz, Western US Sales: He’s the tall, goofy guy in the crowd. No, that one.
  • Michael DelGatto, Eastern US Sales: Total foodie. Easily makes restaurant worthy food.
  • Roger Wittmann, Tech Support: If only callers can see his big poofy hair. Highly technical in espresso machinery, as well as bikes.
  • Jack Kuo, Marketing: Too much for this blog. Remains in the shadows.
  • Brenna Worthen, Machine Orders: If you call in, chances are that’s her on the line.
  • Connie Marquardt, Controller: Decides who gets paid or not.
  • Kevin Colello, Parts: Takes parts orders, packs said parts, ships, repeat.
  • Andy Stazel, Parts: He’s really really really tall.
  • Luke Steitz, Logistics: Likes a neat, organized warehouse. He’s really around because we like his dog, Melody, the company mascot.

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