Thank You Terry and Kelly, and a hearty Congratulations!

A few words from our CEO, Kent Bakke:

I would like to give a formal and sincere tribute to Terry Z (as he is most famously know) for all the contributions that he has made to our world of espresso coffee. Terry has been a long time creative energy in providing leadership, innovation, passion and invention. His company, Espresso Parts, has been a valuable source for exotic, custom espresso machine creations, spare parts, coffee expertise and an often driving force in supporting a myriad of coffee activities. I would be remiss without also acknowledging is dear partner and wife, Kelly. Together they created a special place and special family in Espresso Parts. On behalf of many of us in the industry, Thank You Terry and Kelly and a hearty Congratulations! I am proud to be counted among your many friends.”

My best, Kent Bakke

Sipping Chocolate & Coffee Pairing, Thursday Evening!

Second Annual Northwest Chocolate Festival is this weekend!

To those of US who love chocolate and want to dabble in the language with some of our countries upcoming chocolatiers, this is the weekend to do so! Seriously, the second year of this event promises to inform your palate and your mind with a star studded series of celebrity chocolatiers & chefs.

To kick off the festivities, the La Marzocco Brew Lab is hosting a Thursday evening pairing of sipping chocolates and coffee. The sipping chocolate will be prepared by local chocolatier Janet Eicher, Chocolat Vitale. Co-mingling with chocolate and the guests, coffee will be paired nicely by Velton Ross, Velton\’s Coffee Roasting Company.

Sipping Chocolate & Coffee Pairing
Thursday, October 20th
5:30-7:30 PM
LaMarzocco USA
1553 NW Ballard Way
Seattle WA 98107

This event is a free event, courtesy of La Marzocco. We look forward to hosting you!

Lastly, don’t forget to attend the Chocolate Festival this weekend, October 22-23, Fisher Pavillion.

Mid Atlantic/ North East Coffee Conference- MANE

Minded with mastery and no stranger to events Troy, of Cosmic Cup Coffee and Gerra, of New Harvest Coffee can add another successful gathering to their list of accomplishments.

Barista folk from all over the world gathered at a specialized 2 1/2 day event titled MANE.

According to attendees, speakers and a brief, lovely post from dear coffee i love you we’d like to offer a little recap.
With interviews from a short, but sweet DM twitter feed from an easy man to adore, Gwilym Davies and one of our very own attendee/instructor/all around cool guy, Scott Guglielmino.

Let’s start with the keynote speaker and 2009 World Barista Champion (apparently looking very good for his age according to the wikipedia definition, perhaps some shenanigans around his birth year). If you have met Gwilym you would agree he’s probably the most approachable person in the industry; kind, knowledgeable, and a professional learner. His keynote speech summed up felt a little something like this “we just don’t know much…and it’s time to drop the ego’s.” With an invitation like that you can imagine how the dynamic of a room can change opening up the lines of communication.

Scott G. (LM Solutions & specialized customer service tech.) came away with a similar feeling on the event. Scott spent his time doing what he does very well, explaining the intricate but very basic controls for finding great coffee; dose, grind, temperature. His message is the same whether he is here, abroad or at MANE, “…the correction extraction should also taste good.” (Thank you for that perfect quote). He is full of impactful one liners like that. Scott had another pretty inspiring moment that he put into these exact words,”The thirst for knowledge in the New England coffee community was refreshing.”

The event had great topics, full days of information sharing in an intimate layout which welcomed conversation and encouraged hands on learning.

Evenings were matched with a latte art competition, brew down event and what would be great fellowship leading into the wee hours of the morning.

Strada, lever machines and Marco boilers played supporting equipment roles in the production that attendees brag is the best coffee event to date!

The Chris King Buzz!

Chris King, the renowned bike component fabricator, is also renowned for his passion for good coffee. Check out his super slick headset tampers and fresh roasted coffee. Here he talks about the cycling and coffee culture while sporting a GS/3. Read more…

New LM Tech Video Series

La Marzocco is creating a new series of videos designed to enhance machine technicians’ understanding and familiarity of how to service LM machines. The first video features a step by step instruction on how to service a Mechanical Paddle machine. Check it out!

Also available on YouTube here, along with other LM videos.

Next up: steam valve replacement. Stay tuned!

Smell, Slurp, Spit

Today at La Marzocco we did something that we’re going to start doing more often: CUPPINGS. Read more…

Guinness World Record: Most espressos made in 1 hour

This past month, at the London Coffee Festival, the London Belle Baristas’ team broke the Guinness World Record for producing the most espressos made in one hour. Using 31 commercial espresso machines (La Marzocco’s included) they produced 12,005 espressos at a rate of 3.33 espresso shots per second!

The official record was held by a Polish barista team with 3,386 shots, and then an unofficial world record was claimed by a team from Brisbane, Australia making 5,061 espressos. All of this barely even compares to the new record of 4x the amount – congrats London Belle Baristas!

Ipsento Coffee’s Customization

This photo was sent to us from Chicago’s well respected, independent Ipsento Coffee. There’s a variety of creative customization currently out there, but no one can deny the beauty of this wood paneled Linea EE with exposed groups. We are honored that Ipsento has used our platform to create such an awesome dream machine! Read more…

Coffee Common + TED

If you haven’t gotten the chance yet, check out This site is dedicated to sharing common values held by the coffee community. They believe that “great coffee requires study, experimentation, craftsmanship, and humility”, along with the idea that coffee is “an experience worth sharing”.

Just this past week Coffee Common chose to launch their brand at TED, which has long been the home of ideas worth spreading. The participating coffee enthusiasts included a variety of roasters and baristas, along with our help to provide the espresso machines, most of the grinders and water towers.

Being at TED was a great time to share information, be in association with everyone there and to support some great partnerships.

A sincere thank you goes out to Coffee Common for their extremely nice post

Free Coffee Fest Registration Ends Sunday

Just a reminder, FREE registrations for Coffee Fest Seattle ends this Sunday (Oct 10). Go to their website and register using coupon code 59173.

October 29-31, 2010