Photo Menu: Buna

This week, Buna, a coffee roaster from Mexico City, joined us as our third roaster in residence at La Marzocco café.

On Friday, July 1st from 5-8 pm please join us in welcoming Buna to Seattle. We will be celebrating with live music from Mexico’s Sotomayor, as well as with complimentary samples of mezcal, tequila, Mexican beer and authentic Mexican food, as well as the specialty coffee beverages that are part of Buna’s menu during their residency.

Buna began three years ago as a small roaster with just one customer account. Lalo Perez Varona, one of its founders recalled, “We had a small 2 kilo roaster that we operated from a rooftop. I’d go up there at 6am and roast coffee all day long.” Today, Buna has a beautiful cafe in Mexico City, and a separate roastery that also serves as a laboratory for coffee experimentation and education. Their slogan “Café Rico” represents the company and its goal of serving delicious coffees as well as being, “rich in culture, agriculture, community and love.”

Buna is offering three classes during their residency that are free and open to the public. The classes will be held over first three Saturdays in July at 12pm and 1pm. Please see our events calendar for more details.

Be sure to make a trip to the café to experience Buna’s menu while they are with us through the month of July. Here is what you can expect:


Café Frio

Buna’s cold brew made with Tun Daja–a blend with notes of chocolate–steeps for 16 hours before being served.


Café de Olla

A warm filter coffee with a splash of house made simple syrup flavored with cinnamon, orange peel and pilancillo. Pilancillo is described as crystallized molasses and has a deep sweet flavor.


Frio Con Leche

Buna’s cold brew with a large splash of milk.


Soda de Café

This refreshing drink combines cold brew, freshly squeezed orange juice, sparkling water and a simple syrup flavored with cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and guajillo chillies.



A Buna original, this drink is equal parts cold brew and house made horchata–a sweetened rice milk drink with hints of cinnamon and vanilla.



The classic mocha is elevated by Buna to include hints of cinnamon, cardamom and star anise.

To view Buna’s full menu while at La Marzocco Cafe, head here.

Final week of G&B Coffee; Welcome Buna of Mexico City

We’ve been thrilled to have G&B Coffee from Los Angeles in residence at the La Marzocco café and showroom in the month of June. The community has responded to the dynamic and creative menu, and our team and our customers will miss everything from the 100% vegan “Tumi Latte” – made from fresh whole turmeric and house-made almond macadamia nut milk – to “Business and Pleasure” to the yeasted waffles. To coincide with G&B’s residency, we’ve also been sharing a three-part profile of G&B’s approach to service and efficiency in their busy Los Angeles café. We’ve posted parts one and two, and look for part three later this week.

Tumi Hot Cold Combo

Beginning next week, on June 28th, we welcome Buna, a Mexico City-based coffee roaster that describes their purpose as being “to share café rico, innovate, and inspire people to strengthen their relationship with the world and to form a conscious community.” Because Mexico is a producing country, Buna is uniquely positioned to work directly with coffee farmers and form strong, direct relationships – offering farmers guidance on how to improve their growing and processing techniques in order to achieve higher quality. Mexico does not allow coffees from other countries to be imported; all of Buna’s coffees are from Mexico.



Lalo Perez Varona, one of Buna’s founders, experienced and came to be aware of “third wave” specialty coffee during his time living in Colorado. He returned to Mexico City with a vision to bring third wave style coffee to Mexico. Buna was founded in 2013, and is one of two distributors of La Marzocco coffee equipment in Mexico.

We will kick off Buna’s residency with a launch party on July 1st 5-8pm that will feature all sorts of Mexican fun: mezcal, Mexcian beer, tacos, and dancing.

During their residency, Buna and our café team will be crafting espresso-based beverages on the La Marzocco Strada AV. The Strada AV has just entered production at the La Marzocco factory in Florence, and is newly available in the US this month. The Strada has always been the barista’s machine, and was designed and continues to evolve with the input of baristas from around the world. The Strada AV is the result of continued input, and features La Marzocco electronics and volumetric controls ideal for high-volume café settings.

But before Buna remakes the La Marzocco café in their vision, be sure to stop by to experience G&B’s menu and service design during their final week in residence. After June 27th, you’ll need to travel to Los Angeles to experience their work.