fall events

Time to mark your calendars! The La Marzocco team will be out and about over the next few months. We hope you’ll join us at one or more of the upcoming events we’re either hosting or participating in. Here’s a look at our schedule:


big central coffee competitions

uppercut gym, minneapolis, mn

november 7-9

Ryan Willbur and Tom Buckley will be traveling to the Twin Cities to attend the Big Central. Ryan will be participating as a judge, and Tom will be participating as a spectator. If you have not met Tom or Ryan, make sure to introduce yourself and say hello. If you catch them at the right moment, there might even be a spare t-shirt around.

We really enjoy the folks at Cafe Imports. For the Big Central we’ve teamed up with them to provide a photo booth in the competition space, just for fun. So make sure to throw on a wig and some weird glasses, and share your photos with us via Facebook and Instagram.


Mane coffee conference

providence convention center, providence, ri

november 6-8

We’re big fans of the MANE conference. We’re honored to be participating again in 2014 as a supporting sponsor. This event has a special approach to facilitating learning and networking among the coffee community. We hope to see you there!

If you’re attending, be sure to catch John Blackwell’s session on the history and evolution of espresso machine technology. John has over 35 years experience in the coffee industry, and an expansive knowledge of its history.

Ryan Wanslow, our east coast training and technical support specialist, will be assisting in the “machine whisperers” workshops alongside New Harvest Coffee’s Jim Connolly.

Also be sure to introduce yourself to our eastern sales director, Michael Del Gatto, and our marketing director, Whitney Cornell.


big east coffee competitions

durham convention center, durham, nc

november 21-23

At the end of November we’ll be attending the Big East Coffee Competitions. Hosted by Counter Culture, this event is sure to be a great time. As the final regional competition before the United States competitions, we’re anxious to see who steps up to the plate. With only 6 spots from each region advancing to the US level, the competition will be fierce.

Of course, we look forward to also drinking delicious coffee at cafes around town, and we will also be enjoying some fantastic barbecue when time allows.


roasters showcase: buna mx

la marzocco usa, seattle, wa

december 5, 10:30am

Continuing our Roaster’s Showcase series, we’re thrilled to have one of our new Mexico City-based partners, Buna, joining us in Seattle on December 5th. Lalo Perez-Verona, one of Buna’s four founding partners (the four have been friends since childhood), will be sharing with us what it is like to start a new coffee business in a coffee producing country, where importing green coffee from other places is almost impossible.

Join us for this special Roaster’s Showcase on December 5 at 10:30 am in our lab in Seattle.


2014 holiday blend cupping & food drive

la marzocco usa, seattle, wa

december 12, 3pm

Calling all roasters! We would love to share your holiday coffee during our annual holiday blend event. If you are interested in sending coffee, please let us know.

Our 3rd annual holiday blend cupping will be held on December 12th. This event is becoming one of our favorite traditions of the season. We will cup holiday blends and special coffees from around the country, and celebrate what a fantastic year it has been for Specialty Coffee.

Again this year, we invite attendees to bring something to contribute to the Ballard Food Bank. We will be taking donations the entire week of the cupping event, so you are welcome to bring items by beginning on December 8. Items the food bank especially needs are:

Shelf Stable Food Items

Canned Soups
Canned Fruit
Canned Vegetables
Shelf Stable Milk Products (soy milk, rice milk)
Canned Protein (corned beef, beans, tuna, peanut butter, chili)
Cooking Oil
Pet Food
Hygiene Items
Baby & Adult Diapers
Diaper Wipes
Toilet Paper

MANE 2013

La Marzocco USA is so pleased to again be sponsoring MANE – the Mid-Atlantic Northeast Coffee Conference in Providence, Rhode Island September 27th-29thNew Harvest Coffee has done a tremendous job curating and organizing this educational and professional development event.

La Marzocco USA will have plenty of equipment on hand for attendees – including the Linea PB . Also keep an eye out for Marco water boilers.

We’re so pleased that David Walsh, head of R&D for Marco, will be traveling from Dublin to present at the event. His talk is: “A discussion regarding energy efficiency and sustainability from an equipment manufacturers’ viewpoint. What is true energy efficiency, what is marketing spin, and what are the myths and falsehoods associated with this topic. Why should the coffee industry care?”

In addition, Enrico Wurm, after-sales manager for La Marzocco Srl, is traveling from our factory in Florence to share a talk about the evolution of espresso machine technology, La Marzocco’s role in this evolution, and to share more about what it takes to develop and assemble espresso machines.

Ryan Willbur, Coffee & Education Coordinator at La Marzocco USA will also be on hand showcasing alternate brewing methods with our electronic paddle technology.

The event is sold out, but we hope to see many of you there.

Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Coffee Conference

The Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Coffee Conference (MANE) will kick off in a little over two weeks! We are so excited to be a part of this educational weekend.

MANE is a coffee conference including lectures, hands on workshops, educational tracks for beginning and advanced baristas, owners, managers, and roasters. It’ll take place in Providence, R.I., October 12-14th, 2012.

Throughout the course of the weekend, some great lectures and classes will be given, including two from our own, Scott Guglielmino. These include:


The Year of an Espresso Machine

This class is built around an espresso machine. Over the course of a year most car owners spend hundreds of dollars maintaining their vehicle, while many cafes do nothing to maintain their main revenue source. This class will teach anyone how to perform the recommended, quarterly maintenance on a La Marzocco espresso machine.
Lead Instructor: Scott Guglilmino
Instructor: Jim Connolly, Tommy Gallagher


Gushing Over Water

Comprising over 98% of your coffee and a major cause of machine failure, understanding water is critical for anyone in the coffee industry. In this class you’ll lean the basics of H2O chemistry, how filtration operates, and common problems that arise from water related issues (and how to address them).
Instructor: Scott Guglielmino

For more information on MANE, and how to register, click here.

Event season has officially arrived!

We wanted to share with all of you a list and brief explanation of our upcoming events. It’s already been a busy Septmember, but the action isn’t over yet and will continue well into the Fall.

Last week, we enjoyed three great events, titled Meet the Makers, partnering with Stumptown Coffee Roasters. The editors from Sprudge, who were able to attend the events in both Seattle & Portland, captured the content well in this post.  Additionally, there was a last event at Stumptown’s location in NYC.

Next week is quite possibly our busiest week of the year (maybe next to SCAA). Kicking off on 9/17 we have partnered with Counter Culture Coffee for a road show (titled Fruitbombs and Fermentation) starting in Boston, then heading to Philly, D.C. , and ending in Durham. If you are in any of these cities, you won’t want to miss the event – especially because we’ll be raffling off a custom-edition GS/3! For more details, please visit the FB events page

And of course we can’t forget Coffee Fest 2012, next weekend, 9/21-23. Although we aren’t exhibiting this year, we have partnered with Ladro at their 8th and Pine location (right next to the convention center) to provide complimentary coffee and snacks for all guests from 7-11am each day of the show. Ladro will be featuring a single origin espresso and brewing via chemex; come and share a drink  with us as we celebrate many years of working together.   More info on Coffee Fest here.


There’s more to come in October, but we’ll wait for that. If you’re a total planner, take a look at registrations for MANE  and West Coast Camp-Pull-A-Shot.  We’re not planning on missing either of these gems.


Mid Atlantic/ North East Coffee Conference- MANE

Minded with mastery and no stranger to events Troy, of Cosmic Cup Coffee and Gerra, of New Harvest Coffee can add another successful gathering to their list of accomplishments.

Barista folk from all over the world gathered at a specialized 2 1/2 day event titled MANE.

According to attendees, speakers and a brief, lovely post from dear coffee i love you we’d like to offer a little recap.
With interviews from a short, but sweet DM twitter feed from an easy man to adore, Gwilym Davies and one of our very own attendee/instructor/all around cool guy, Scott Guglielmino.

Let’s start with the keynote speaker and 2009 World Barista Champion (apparently looking very good for his age according to the wikipedia definition, perhaps some shenanigans around his birth year). If you have met Gwilym you would agree he’s probably the most approachable person in the industry; kind, knowledgeable, and a professional learner. His keynote speech summed up felt a little something like this “we just don’t know much…and it’s time to drop the ego’s.” With an invitation like that you can imagine how the dynamic of a room can change opening up the lines of communication.

Scott G. (LM Solutions & specialized customer service tech.) came away with a similar feeling on the event. Scott spent his time doing what he does very well, explaining the intricate but very basic controls for finding great coffee; dose, grind, temperature. His message is the same whether he is here, abroad or at MANE, “…the correction extraction should also taste good.” (Thank you www.dearcoffeeiloveyou.com for that perfect quote). He is full of impactful one liners like that. Scott had another pretty inspiring moment that he put into these exact words,”The thirst for knowledge in the New England coffee community was refreshing.”

The event had great topics, full days of information sharing in an intimate layout which welcomed conversation and encouraged hands on learning.

Evenings were matched with a latte art competition, brew down event and what would be great fellowship leading into the wee hours of the morning.

Strada, lever machines and Marco boilers played supporting equipment roles in the production that attendees brag is the best coffee event to date!