Photo Menu: Tim Wendelboe

It has been a bustling week at the La Marzocco Cafe as the team has once again flipped it into an entirely new space–this time bringing the taste and feel of Tim Wendelboe’s Oslo cafe right here to Seattle. With each new residence, we encourage roasters to make the Cafe their own and Tim Wendelboe has done just that. Every detail has been perfected, from the drink vessels shipped from Norway, to the crisp, white shirts the baristas are wearing! Response from the Seattle community has been overwhelmingly positive and guests are jumping at the chance to taste these coffees in the United States.


Tim Wendelboe’s menu has been meticulously planned and is completely coffee focused. To not distract from the flavor of each coffee, Wendelboe opts to use no additions other than whole, organic milk. For guests who normally order their coffee with milk alternatives and sweeteners, Wendelboe suggests trying his coffee black. He delicately roasts his beans in a way that enhances sweetness, with the goal of making each drink approachable. Those who do not see their usual drink options on the menu are encouraged to talk with the barista who will be happy to help steer them towards an equally pleasurable coffee experience.


Tim Wendelboe’s menu for the La Marzocco Cafe features a variety of single origin coffees from four different countries including Colombia, Honduras, Ethiopia and Kenya. Some of the options may change during the residence, as Wendelboe’s coffees are seasonal and rotate often.


For this residence, the baristas are pulling espresso shots on the La Marzocco Linea PB. Selections include a Finca Tamana Espresso and Hunkute Organic Espresso. Produced by Elias Roa, the Finca Tamana is more herbal, with brown sugar and plum notes.The Hunkute is brighter, with notes of jasmine, lemon, tea and bergamot. Milk based drinks–macchiato, cortado, cappuccino and caffe latte–are made with the Finca Tamana.


Along the back bar, single cups of coffee will be made to order and brewed via AeroPress. Each coffee is served in a unique Figgjo “Oslo” cup, developed by Tim Wendelboe in tandem with designer Kristin Hærnes Ihlen. The design of each cup is meant to enhance the drinking experience by highlighting different aromas, flavors and acidity in the coffee.


Enthusiasts can order the Coffee Tasting for Two–a taste of four coffees brewed on AeroPress, served two by two. Guests may choose their own four coffees, or sit back, relax and have our barista curate the experience for them!


Keep it cool and classy with Tim Wendelboe’s Cold Coffee. Brewed hot, Wendelboe’s Karogoto from Kenya is sweetened with a hint of honey before being chilled and elegantly served in a wine glass.


To taste Tim Wendelboe’s coffee here in the United States, head to the La Marzocco Cafe before May 1st, or sign up by April 1st to receive the premier shipment from our newly launched Home Espresso Subscription! To see the full menu at the Cafe, head here.

Accademia Series: G&B Coffee

Over the last few weeks we’ve been sharing a series of posts profiling G&B Coffee from Los Angeles, and their dogged pursuit of efficiency in service. Part 1 explored how they grind coffee for espresso – pre-dosing and pre-grinding. Part 2 looked at how they get the most from their espresso machine: a single three-group Linea PB that helps them produce over 1,500 espresso beverages on a busy weekend day. Part 3 covered how their team interacts with guests at a bar where people can “order anywhere,” and also detailed how they brew filter coffee.

This series of posts is the first profile in the Accademia Series: an occasional series that profiles the people and companies who work with La Marzocco, and explores ideas in coffee.

This video summarizes our profile of G&B Coffee.

Auto Brew Ratio

This week at SCAA Expo 2015, La Marzocco is thrilled to showcase Auto Brew Ratio, a proprietary advancement in espresso machine electronics that will be available in North America this summer. Auto Brew Ratio uses precision scales built beneath each group of the Linea PB. The Auto Brew Ratio scales are incorporated into the espresso machine’s electronics system and provide the barista a new level of consistency, by giving control over beverage mass.

LINEA PB Scale 1 (2)

La Marzocco was awarded the patent on this design in 2012. Early versions of integrated scale technology have been displayed by La Marzocco previously at the London Coffee Festival, MICE, and the SCAE World of Coffee. The technology on display at SCAA Expo 2015 will be the first demonstration of Auto Brew Ratio.

Auto Brew Ratio has two modes: Mass Mode and Ratio Mode.

Mass Mode

In Mass Mode, the barista programs the desired finished beverage mass. The barista activates the brew group by selecting one of the programmed beverage mass buttons. When the desired beverage mass has been reached, the machine automatically stops the brewing process.

Mass mode is best applied in café settings where the barista weighs the ground coffee in the portafilter for every shot, and has a specific target weight for the finished beverage.

Ratio mode

Using ratio mode, the barista programs the preferred brew ratio into the machine. When preparing to brew, the barista places the loaded portafilter on the drip tray scale, allowing the espresso machine to weigh the ground coffee. The barista may then engage the portafilter and activate the brewing cycle by selecting one of the programmed brew ratio buttons. The Ratio Mode will automatically stop the shot when the correct brew ratio is achieved.

Ratio mode is best applied in coffee bars that do not weigh every ground coffee dose, or those cafes that would like to eliminate the step of weighing and correcting the coffee dose to a tenth of a gram. Auto Brew Ratio allows the barista to eliminate the step of weighing and correcting the coffee dose, while still consistently achieving the same brew ratio.

LINEA PB Scale Detail 1 (532x800)

Auto Brew Ratio has been in development for the last three years. The La Marzocco R&D team has been focused on developing an integrated scales platform able to withstand the rigors of real café use – with the reliability, durability, and precision our customers expect.

Auto Brew Ratio will be available in North America as an option on the Linea PB beginning this summer. The technology will be on display in the La Marzocco booth number 3031 at the True Artisan Café Friday-Sunday of SCAA Expo.

Toronto: Pizza, Beer, and Pressure Profiling

Join us in Toronto, Ontario at Pilot Coffee Roasters’ roasting facility and tasting room on March 18, from 6 to 10 PM. We will be sharing beer, pizza, and of course, espresso! Our own Ryan Willbur will be there to present a talk that will include an overview of pressure profiling, an introduction to the newly released La Marzocco profile editor, and what we have learned since the Strada was introduced in 2010.

We will have a Strada EP on the bar, and we welcome you to come by and try the machine. Additionally, we will also have a Linea PB, which will be demoed by La Marzocco staff.

We are excited to share this time with anyone and everyone who loves coffee. Whether you are a professional barista who uses the Strada EP every day, or an enthusiast who just loves espresso, we hope you can join us for some exciting coffee talk.

To RSVP, please email

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Pilot Coffee Roasters

50 Wagstaff Dr

Toronto, ON M4L 3W9



Linea PB: Introducing new features

Linea PB - 003

We’re pleased to introduce an update to the La Marzocco Linea PB firmware. This update marks the first time that La Marzocco has introduced new espresso machine features through a simple software update applied via USB.

When we introduced the Linea PB in 2013, it was the first model to launch with a new electronics platform. This platform allows us to continue to improve the machine and introduce new features even after it has left the factory.

The latest update introduces three new barista features:

  1. Improved volumetric programming
  2. Press-to-scroll
  3. Long-hold dosing

Improved volumetric programming introduces three changes to help with speed, precision, and ease of adjustability during programming.

  • Copy and Paste Functionality: baristas are now able to program a single button, and quickly copy and paste programming to any other button.
  • Dose Mirroring: baristas can now set groups 2, 3, and 4 to automatically mirror any programming made on group 1.
  • Manual Dose Programming: baristas can now manually program the number of flow meter cycles (individual units of dose) by adding or subtracting individual units.

Press-to-scroll menu acceleration allows the person programming the machine to rapidly scroll by holding down a button. This will help save time when programming large values.

Long-hold dosing is a feature that multiplies the functionality of each button. Each programmable brew button can now hold two distinct dose settings. The standard dose is achieved by activating the button for less than two seconds, the secondary dose is achieved by pressing and holding the button until the shot begins (two seconds). Ultimately, this allows the barista to program for two distinct brew ratios. For example, the short dose of each button can be programmed for a milk-based beverage, while the long-hold dose can be reserved for espresso. This will be particularly relevant in cafes that modify brew ratio to compensate for beverage strength reduction in milk-based beverages.

Also included in the update is a solution that addresses a bug in the auto-on/off feature. In the prior versions of the software, after being automatically turned off on Sunday, the machine failed to turn on to begin the new week on Monday. As much as we would like weekends to last forever, the Linea PB now understands that Monday follows Sunday. Always.

For more information and installation instructions, see the technical bulletin that introduces the update.

What you’ll find at SCAA

We’re just a few days away from the opening of the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Expo. This year, La Marzocco can be found at booth number 3031; if you’re in Seattle, we hope you’ll come visit us. Here’s just a preview of what will be happening at the booth.


38 coffee companies from across the US and beyond will be showcasing their coffee at the True Artisan Cafe. The show opens on Friday with Verve, Coda, Equator, and Josuma – but that’s just the beginning. Get ready for a weekend of seriously delicious coffee.

1 Strada EE. Our inboxes were flooded with interest after the first photos of our newest espresso machine hit the internet following the TED coffee experience in Vancouver last month. Be sure to come by to see it in person.

2 Coffee Producers. La Marzocco is honored to host Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza of Brazil and Cuatro M Coffees of El Salvador at the True Artisan Cafe. The best part of SCAA is the coming together of people who are involved in all aspects of coffee production, and we’re excited to celebrate this at the True Artisan Cafe.

3 key new features available on the Linea PB. Building on our goal of making this one of the most user-friendly espresso machines on the market, a recent software update added additional features to the Linea PB. Stop by to learn more, and learn how to easily apply this update to the Linea PB.

2 New Grinders. Between the La Marzocco Vulcano Swift and the Mazzer Kold, we’ve got something new and exciting for everyone.

45 Liters of water at exactly the right temperature for brewing coffee, dispensed through 2 fonts. This year, the Marco brew bar will be equipped with an under counter system and grinder provided by Baratza.


If you are at SCAA, we cannot wait to see you. If you can’t be in Seattle, don’t fret. You can follow all the action with #trueartisancafe.

MANE 2013

La Marzocco USA is so pleased to again be sponsoring MANE – the Mid-Atlantic Northeast Coffee Conference in Providence, Rhode Island September 27th-29thNew Harvest Coffee has done a tremendous job curating and organizing this educational and professional development event.

La Marzocco USA will have plenty of equipment on hand for attendees – including the Linea PB . Also keep an eye out for Marco water boilers.

We’re so pleased that David Walsh, head of R&D for Marco, will be traveling from Dublin to present at the event. His talk is: “A discussion regarding energy efficiency and sustainability from an equipment manufacturers’ viewpoint. What is true energy efficiency, what is marketing spin, and what are the myths and falsehoods associated with this topic. Why should the coffee industry care?”

In addition, Enrico Wurm, after-sales manager for La Marzocco Srl, is traveling from our factory in Florence to share a talk about the evolution of espresso machine technology, La Marzocco’s role in this evolution, and to share more about what it takes to develop and assemble espresso machines.

Ryan Willbur, Coffee & Education Coordinator at La Marzocco USA will also be on hand showcasing alternate brewing methods with our electronic paddle technology.

The event is sold out, but we hope to see many of you there.

Our lab is your lab: come learn with us

If it’s been awhile since you’ve visited the La Marzocco Learning Lab and Showroom in Seattle, we have some exciting reasons for you to make another trip. We have some new equipment on display and ready for you to try, including the just-launched Linea PB, and the Vulcano Swift grinder – both of which were on display for the first time at SCAA in Boston last month.

The Linea PB is a next-generation model that builds on the legacy of the Linea Classic (which has been in production for nearly 25 years) as a dependable, rugged workhorse that delivers results in the highest-volume café settings.

The Vulcano Swift is a conical burr grinder due to go into production later this year that features the Swift technology of grind, volumetric dose, and tamp.

We couldn’t be more excited about our new products and look forward to introducing them to you!

As always, we’re open Monday through Friday, from 9-5pm, and everyone is welcome. If you’re hoping for some dedicated time with your coffee on a specific piece of La Marzocco equipment, be sure to reserve a time, but you’re also welcome to drop by for a visit, a quick demo, and a coffee.

In addition to being available on a reserved basis, we have some exciting events planned in the Learning Lab over the coming months, so be sure to check back, or stay tuned via Twitter and Facebook about what’s coming up.

First up, we have a public cupping event with Olympia Coffee Roasters this Friday, May 17th 10:00-11:30.  Also on deck are coffee showcases from some of our customers from near and far. Be sure to come by to try some things you might not find every day in Seattle!

We’re also working on few educational and coffee science events, coming late spring/early summer.

If you have an idea you’d like to bring to the La Marzocco Learning Lab, or if there’s a topic you hope we’ll cover, we’re all ears – drop us a line at to start the conversation.

If you have interest in being a guest educator, using our community space for training, or just want to visit for a hands-on product demo please contact:

Sarah Dooley at

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Linea PB is Here

It’s hard to believe that we were in Boston just over three weeks ago to show our customers and friends the latest addition to the Linea line: the Linea PB. The unveiling of the Linea PB came after two months of hearing your Linea Love stories (please, keep them coming!). Your stories have said it best; the Linea Classic is a workhorse. It is an espresso machine able to deliver coffee to whatever size line and crowd you can throw at it. Dependable and true, the Linea stands the test of time. We’re thrilled to introduce the Linea PB knowing that it will carry on the legacy of its predecessor. With updated technology and features, this machine is the workhorse for the modern barista.

We saw many of you in Boston, but there were many more who weren’t able to join us at the event. Be sure to check out Kent Bakke’s presentation of the machine on the first day of the show.

Today, the Linea PB is back in Seattle and up and running in our showroom; you are invited to stop by and experience it for yourself. Schedule time and bring in your coffee to get a personalized tour: send an email to to find a time that works best. Come see how much control the Linea PB offers for steaming milk, or play with different levels of programmable pre-infusion. Get more familiar with a new tool for baristas: the flowmeter pulse.

Even if you just happen to be passing through the neighborhood, feel free to stop by for a quick espresso made on the Linea PB.

The Linea Classic has always been a friend to baristas everywhere. Come get acquainted with the Linea PB; we’re sure you’ll make fast friends.
1553 NW Ballard Way
Seattle, WA 98107
206-706-9104 x124

Sneak Peek: Linea PB Barista Features

The release of the Linea PB is just a few days away! Be sure to join us in Boston for the SCAA Expo at booth 518 to see the Linea PB firsthand. Kent Bakke will be making a special presentation of the Linea PB on Friday April 12th at 2pm Eastern.

In advance of the big reveal, we wanted to give you another sneak peak at some of the features you’ll see on the Linea PB. Last week we shared some information on the electronics that power the Linea PB AV and a dynamic measurement that will give baristas more insight into the extraction process: the flowmeter pulse.

This week we want to tell you a bit about the barista interface features of the Linea PB. We’re introducing a number of new features that draw on technology advances over the last 25 years, as well as input we’ve heard from our customers over time. Take a look:

  • Buttons: the Linea PB buttons are silicone membrane actuators capped by mirror-finished button caps, backlit with LED lights. A broad button cap ensures that the barista can engage the group at an arm’s length. The button pad has four points of engagement, ensuring that the group is activated regardless of where the barista touches the button.  When touched, the button offers satisfying, tactile feedback, ensuring the barista knows the button has engaged, even if she is not looking directly at the button.


  • Barista Lights: LED Barista lights are included standard on the Linea PB, making for a well-lit work area so the barista can monitor the progress of their coffee as it extracts and changes color.
  • Steam Valve: The newly designed Linea PB steam valve opens in a half turn, making it easier to use, and putting less strain on the barista over time. A unique diamond-shaped knob allows for ergonomic rolling action. The valve is unique to the Linea PB, but the rebuild kit is compatible with the GB/5.


  • Drain Tray: The Linea PB features a larger drain tray. The workspace below the group heads is increased by 32% over the Linea Classic. In addition, the tray itself has been changed to be more like the tray of the La Marzocco Strada – with fewer sharp edges that will make it safer for the barista to handle and clean the tray.

We’re excited to show you all of the new features of the Linea PB in just a few days. For those of you who are not able to join us, be sure to check after 4pm Eastern on April 12th to see a video of Kent’s presentation of the Linea PB at SCAA. And check back here on launch day to see photos of the machine and learn more!