TNTNW, Zoka Coffee

Thursday, December 29th Zoka Coffee House

The warm brown of Zoka Coffee & Tea – Tangletown, along with the simple glow of 3 group Linea, set a brilliant stage for the hours to come. Live DJ, super inviting barista’s, serious (sometimes silly) judges, a pretty gnarly supply of dairy and espresso moved the night along very quickly. Read more…

2012 Challenge: 365 Days of Brewing, Tasting & Telling

We are all from different areas of the world, drinking coffee during different seasons and with various flavors. Our challenge to you (and ourselves!) is to taste and post for 365 days straight on our Facebook page. Read more…

LM Out of the Box Coming to NYC


Killer Latte Art from Intelligentsia LA

Nicelys amazing latte art
Intelligentsia LA’s Nicely (via his flickr page) steamin some amazingly well textured latte art. It seemingly defies laws of gravity and liquid cohesion/tension.
Another amazing latte art that defies gravity (and spillage) on Nicelys flickr page. Poured by Teal Allan.
Another amazing latte art that defies gravity (and spillage) on Nicely’s flickr page. Poured by Teal Allan.
Nicely at work.
Nicely at work.

Ok, I’m sooooo flying down to LA for coffee.

Urban Coffee Lounge Rocks Coffee Fest

Congrats to Urban Coffee Lounge‘s Andrew and Laila on winning NWRBC 2nd and 3rd place, respectively! Andrew also won 1st place in Millrock’s Latte Art Competition.

Laila preparing drinks on a La Marzocco GB/5 at Urban Coffee Lounge. She came in 3rd place at NWRBC.
Burning through their Hairbender espresso from Stumptown.
Concrete fireplace. Now that’s urban.