La Marzocco Cafe News – Thank you Linea Caffe and Welcome Elixr Coffee

Seattle – just a week left to visit the La Marzocco Cafe with Linea Caffe as our Roaster in Residence! It has been an honor serving the coffees that the Linea team has meticulously sourced, roasted and placed onto their menu for our Seattle guests to enjoy. We are so grateful to the entire team at Linea for the time and effort put into crafting their residence, specifically Robyn Brems, Director of Operations and Michelle Giroux, Linea Caffe Manager. Special thanks goes to Linea Founder and long-time friend of La Marzocco, Andrew Barnett for personally being involved in every aspect of the residence, giving our Seattle guests the same impeccable coffee and service that is experienced in his own cafe. When in San Francisco, be sure to check it out!

If you haven’t been in this month, we definitely recommend coming by to try Linea’s coffees – or take a bag with you to brew at home!

Linea Caffe’s lineup of espresso-based drinks and single-origin coffees will be available at the La Marzocco Cafe through Monday, February 11.

On Tuesday, February 12 we’ll welcome our next Roaster in Residence: Elixr Coffee Roasters coming to us from Philadelphia!

Founded in 2010, Elixr Coffee is continually engaged in perfecting the sourcing, roasting, preparation, and delivery of the most delicious coffees they can find. They specialize in lighter-roasted unique and exquisite coffees and are firm believers in the Direct Trade model – by building long lasting relationships with producers, both producer and roaster can invest in each other.

After spending time living in Sumatra, Indonesia where he was immersed in a lively coffee culture, Elixr Founder, Evan Inatome knew he wanted to bring amazing coffee and connections to Philadelphia. In addition to roasting and serving incredible coffee, Elixr has created a culture that strongly supports the creative community in Philadelphia, providing space that promotes an open and active dialogue between themselves, the artists and the community at large.

“One thing we believe really strongly in is supporting and promoting the creative community in Philadelphia. Our art program, founded by Ryan Strand Greenberg in 2012, showcases art installations and public events at our Center City location. The program has commissioned six art installations annually and has held over 50 public events to date.” – Elixr Coffee

As part of their residency at the La Marzocco Cafe, Elixr will be showcasing six fabric-based works by Philadelphia artist Gerri Spilka. The artwork will be unveiled during Elixr’s launch party on February 13 – where guests will have the opportunity to meet the artist and the crew from Elixr. This event is invite-only. To receive an invite, be sure to sign up for our Local’s Newsletter.  

From Elixr: “We are honored to have the opportunity to share ourselves with folks in Seattle who may never make it to one of our Philadelphia cafes. From our special lots such as El Injerto, Guatemala to Las Brumas, El Salvador and our unique art installation, we feel that people will have a unique ability to feel what Elixr Coffee is truly about. Our main goal is to bring a bit of what we feel makes us and Philly special to everyone that comes to the La Marzocco Cafe.”

Menu Highlights


Sip on Elixr’s signature espresso, Beekeeper, which features a round, caramel sweetness that is smooth, nuanced, and incredibly approachable, or their seasonal blend, Lunar Lander, with notes of melon, pink berry and semi sweet chocolate. Each one can be enjoyed alone, or with your choice of steamed milk.

Hand Poured Coffee

Elixr has chosen four single-origin coffees for their menu including staff favorite – Juan Vergara from Ecuador – a coffee that boasts notes of jasmine, starfruit and fruit punch. Also on the menu – their El Injerto from Guatemala which has been a Cup of Excellence winning lot seven times over!

Kopi Sanger

The traditional coffee drink Evan Inatome enjoyed with friends while living in Sumatra – made with a shot of Beekeeper espresso and sweetened condensed milk.

Anise Pistachio Mocha

House-made anise simple syrup and chocolate sauce swirled into a shot of espresso, steamed milk and topped with roasted pistachio shavings.

To see our current menu head here. Elixr’s full menu will be posted there on their launch day, Tuesday, February 12.  

Events during Elixr Coffee’s Residence

Friday Coffee Tastings at 10 AM – a team member from Elixr will be in Seattle every weekend during their Residence and will host our weekly tastings. Coffees and themes will vary. Check our Facebook page weekly for updates.

Omakase Service every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during Elixr’s Residence – Omakase is an intimate 6-course coffee tasting where guests will have the opportunity to try off the menu, competition and exotic coffees – all chosen by Elixr baristas. Common in Japanese cuisine, Omakase literally translates “I’ll leave it up to you.” $20 per guest.

Head to our Facebook page for more information on these events and to purchase tickets for the Omakase Service!

La Marzocco Leva: advanced technologies combined with traditional ideologies.

La Marzocco USA is proud to announce the arrival of the all new Leva: an evolution of the lever machine dedicated to the artisans, the pioneers and to all those with an eye to the past and a vision for the future.

La Marzocco Leva reimagines what a lever-actuated espresso machine can be, bringing with it a design that focuses not just on the physical beauty, but also on the satisfaction only found in a truly mechanical system. Leva’s next-generation proprietary electronics provide intuitive feedback over the extraction, allowing the barista to monitor and analyze in real-time more extraction parameters than ever before.

This machine is a joy to experiment with. We have found in our time with the machine that it forces you to rethink what you know about espresso theory. Pressure, volume and time are all inter-related with a lever machine and pulling shots on the Leva is a chance to experience another time in espresso history with the advantages of modern technology.

Learn more here:

Demo the Leva
We now have the Leva up on our bar in Ballard and it will be there available for demos from December 11 – 15. We will then be moving it over to the La Marzocco Café from December 18 – 22. If you are interested in a demo, please email Josh Littlefield

We will also be touring the Leva at select cities in early 2018, so please look for an announcement about those cities soon.

Introducing La Marzocco Home

Home 560px

Today we are pleased to announce La Marzocco Home, a new business unit operating from the La Marzocco Seattle office, serving customers in the United States.

La Marzocco Home launches today with, a unique digital destination and online store that allows the home barista to configure his or her own La Marzocco GS3 espresso machine with specialized design features, add accessories, learn about the history of espresso, and take online courses.

Over recent years, we have observed an increase in interest and enthusiasm for the La Marzocco brand among coffee enthusiasts and people wanting to prepare great espresso at home. La Marzocco Home is meant to be a destination for these enthusiasts, where they can engage directly with La Marzocco, learn the story of the company, and delve into the world of espresso theory and technique.

We feel that La Marzocco Home will be a great resource for current owners of the La Marzocco GS3, and for those who dream of one day having one in their kitchen.

Custom options for GS3s sold through La Marzocco Home include matte black body panels, wood accents, and glass side panels. In addition to custom and standard GS3 configurations, La Marzocco Home also offers Mazzer espresso grinders, barista tools, and La Marzocco designed accessories.

Take a spin through the site, configure your ideal GS3, and let us know what you think!

GS3 Configure2

fall events

Time to mark your calendars! The La Marzocco team will be out and about over the next few months. We hope you’ll join us at one or more of the upcoming events we’re either hosting or participating in. Here’s a look at our schedule:


big central coffee competitions

uppercut gym, minneapolis, mn

november 7-9

Ryan Willbur and Tom Buckley will be traveling to the Twin Cities to attend the Big Central. Ryan will be participating as a judge, and Tom will be participating as a spectator. If you have not met Tom or Ryan, make sure to introduce yourself and say hello. If you catch them at the right moment, there might even be a spare t-shirt around.

We really enjoy the folks at Cafe Imports. For the Big Central we’ve teamed up with them to provide a photo booth in the competition space, just for fun. So make sure to throw on a wig and some weird glasses, and share your photos with us via Facebook and Instagram.


Mane coffee conference

providence convention center, providence, ri

november 6-8

We’re big fans of the MANE conference. We’re honored to be participating again in 2014 as a supporting sponsor. This event has a special approach to facilitating learning and networking among the coffee community. We hope to see you there!

If you’re attending, be sure to catch John Blackwell’s session on the history and evolution of espresso machine technology. John has over 35 years experience in the coffee industry, and an expansive knowledge of its history.

Ryan Wanslow, our east coast training and technical support specialist, will be assisting in the “machine whisperers” workshops alongside New Harvest Coffee’s Jim Connolly.

Also be sure to introduce yourself to our eastern sales director, Michael Del Gatto, and our marketing director, Whitney Cornell.


big east coffee competitions

durham convention center, durham, nc

november 21-23

At the end of November we’ll be attending the Big East Coffee Competitions. Hosted by Counter Culture, this event is sure to be a great time. As the final regional competition before the United States competitions, we’re anxious to see who steps up to the plate. With only 6 spots from each region advancing to the US level, the competition will be fierce.

Of course, we look forward to also drinking delicious coffee at cafes around town, and we will also be enjoying some fantastic barbecue when time allows.


roasters showcase: buna mx

la marzocco usa, seattle, wa

december 5, 10:30am

Continuing our Roaster’s Showcase series, we’re thrilled to have one of our new Mexico City-based partners, Buna, joining us in Seattle on December 5th. Lalo Perez-Verona, one of Buna’s four founding partners (the four have been friends since childhood), will be sharing with us what it is like to start a new coffee business in a coffee producing country, where importing green coffee from other places is almost impossible.

Join us for this special Roaster’s Showcase on December 5 at 10:30 am in our lab in Seattle.


2014 holiday blend cupping & food drive

la marzocco usa, seattle, wa

december 12, 3pm

Calling all roasters! We would love to share your holiday coffee during our annual holiday blend event. If you are interested in sending coffee, please let us know.

Our 3rd annual holiday blend cupping will be held on December 12th. This event is becoming one of our favorite traditions of the season. We will cup holiday blends and special coffees from around the country, and celebrate what a fantastic year it has been for Specialty Coffee.

Again this year, we invite attendees to bring something to contribute to the Ballard Food Bank. We will be taking donations the entire week of the cupping event, so you are welcome to bring items by beginning on December 8. Items the food bank especially needs are:

Shelf Stable Food Items

Canned Soups
Canned Fruit
Canned Vegetables
Shelf Stable Milk Products (soy milk, rice milk)
Canned Protein (corned beef, beans, tuna, peanut butter, chili)
Cooking Oil
Pet Food
Hygiene Items
Baby & Adult Diapers
Diaper Wipes
Toilet Paper

Nickelsville Pie Contest Benefit

Join us Sunday, July 20th from 1:30-4:30pm for a pie contest to benefit the Seattle homeless community of Nickelsville! Entrance to the event is free and activities will be available for kids of all ages.

  • Cast your vote for your favorite pie! $5 for the first vote, $1 for unlimited additional votes.
  • Brewed coffee and espresso drinks by donation.
  • Great prizes from our sponsors, including La Marzocco USA, Stumptown Coffee Roasters and High 5 Pie.
  • Silent auction, homemade pie sales, kids table and more.

Learn more or enter as a contestant at: 


What is Nickelsville?
Without shelter, homeless people die on the streets by violence, weather exposure and other dangers. In 2013 alone, nearly 60 people died outside in King County. Nickelsville is two self-managed neighborhoods in Seattle that provide a safe alternative to living on the streets. Residents live in tents or simple structures and take responsibility for maintaining the safety and cleanliness of their camps. While Nickelsville seeks to be largely self-sustainable, they require financial assistance to maintain basic amenities like Honey Buckets, grey water and trash disposal.

Summer Cupping Calendar

Seattle summers are just the thing to melt away the Seattle freeze. Join us at La Marzocco USA in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle on Fridays this summer as we host a number of cupping and coffee tasting events through the summer months. No experience required, and feel free to bring along a friend.

Join us for the very first one Friday, July 11 at 10:30 AM. We’ll be tasting a handful of delicious coffees from roasting companies around the US and beyond. Each event is free and open to the public; RSVP here. We look forward to seeing you soon!

July 11, 10:30am
Summer Cupping Kick-Off

July 18, 10:30am
Summer Cupping
Coffees from Vancouver, BC.

August 1, 10:30am
Summer Cupping
Coffees TBD

More dates and details to be announced soon.

The Linea PB is Here

It’s hard to believe that we were in Boston just over three weeks ago to show our customers and friends the latest addition to the Linea line: the Linea PB. The unveiling of the Linea PB came after two months of hearing your Linea Love stories (please, keep them coming!). Your stories have said it best; the Linea Classic is a workhorse. It is an espresso machine able to deliver coffee to whatever size line and crowd you can throw at it. Dependable and true, the Linea stands the test of time. We’re thrilled to introduce the Linea PB knowing that it will carry on the legacy of its predecessor. With updated technology and features, this machine is the workhorse for the modern barista.

We saw many of you in Boston, but there were many more who weren’t able to join us at the event. Be sure to check out Kent Bakke’s presentation of the machine on the first day of the show.

Today, the Linea PB is back in Seattle and up and running in our showroom; you are invited to stop by and experience it for yourself. Schedule time and bring in your coffee to get a personalized tour: send an email to to find a time that works best. Come see how much control the Linea PB offers for steaming milk, or play with different levels of programmable pre-infusion. Get more familiar with a new tool for baristas: the flowmeter pulse.

Even if you just happen to be passing through the neighborhood, feel free to stop by for a quick espresso made on the Linea PB.

The Linea Classic has always been a friend to baristas everywhere. Come get acquainted with the Linea PB; we’re sure you’ll make fast friends.
1553 NW Ballard Way
Seattle, WA 98107
206-706-9104 x124

Meet the Makers

Have you heard of Stumptown Coffee Roasters’, “Meet the Producers” event? If not, it’s an event where they invite the owners of coffee farms (from which they get their green beans) to come to the States and enjoy an evening of Q+A, chatting with Stumptown’s customers, among others.

This year, Stumptown has decided to take this idea and spin it: now you have a chance to meet the producers (makers) of the espresso machine that you work on!  Chris Salierno and Ettore Scagliola will be the two guests coming over from Florence, Italy to share their stories and processes for making La Marzocco machines.

NEXT WEEK this event will be held in Seattle, Portland (@ their new headquarters!!), and NYC. They are all open (and free) to the public, and take place at Stumptown locations. We hope to see you there!

  • 9/4 SEA 1115 12th Ave.
  • 9/5 PDX 100 SE Salmon St.
  • 9/7 NYC 219 Van Brunt St.