Happy 80th Piero

Today we wish Piero Bambi a very happy 80th birthday! For those of you who work on La Marzocco espresso machines, Piero has had a hand in the design of every machine currently in production. At 80, he still goes to the office at the factory in Scarperia daily, and relishes making coffee for guests who visit from around the world.

In his honor, we’d like to share his acceptance speech, which was shared on his behalf by Kent Bakke when he was awarded the Alfred Peet “Passionate Cup” award at the SCAA Expo in Boston in 2013.

“Mr. Alfred Peet was born in Holland and moved to California immediately after WWII. He opened his first coffee shop in Berkeley and from the onset introduced a new concept about fine coffee. First of all, he dedicated himself to the accurate choice of quality raw material: the coffee beans. At the same time, he changed the roasting method of the beans in order to increase the intensity of the color from chestnut to dark brown. Thus began his incredible success in the “world” of coffee. His shop became a meeting place for true coffee lovers, so much so they were called “Peetniks”.

His passion lead to the expansion of a “real palate” for good coffee and was so contagious that a series of micro-roasters that set up shop gradually developed into national and global enterprises, which, in parallel, lead to the development of espresso coffee machines as well.

I too am rather passionate about quality coffee, a passion which took off the moment I began collaborating as a young man with La Marzocco, which was founded by my father, Giuseppe. Such passion continues to mature within me still today. For this reason, I am privileged to have been chosen to receive this award, the ALFRED PEET PASSIONATE CUP. I am deeply touched by the honor reserved for me, and so very sorry that I am not able to receive it in person.

Thank you so much and warm greetings to each of you who is present today.” –Piero Bambi


The Linea PB is Here

It’s hard to believe that we were in Boston just over three weeks ago to show our customers and friends the latest addition to the Linea line: the Linea PB. The unveiling of the Linea PB came after two months of hearing your Linea Love stories (please, keep them coming!). Your stories have said it best; the Linea Classic is a workhorse. It is an espresso machine able to deliver coffee to whatever size line and crowd you can throw at it. Dependable and true, the Linea stands the test of time. We’re thrilled to introduce the Linea PB knowing that it will carry on the legacy of its predecessor. With updated technology and features, this machine is the workhorse for the modern barista.

We saw many of you in Boston, but there were many more who weren’t able to join us at the event. Be sure to check out Kent Bakke’s presentation of the machine on the first day of the show.

Today, the Linea PB is back in Seattle and up and running in our showroom; you are invited to stop by and experience it for yourself. Schedule time and bring in your coffee to get a personalized tour: send an email to training@lamarzoccousa.com to find a time that works best. Come see how much control the Linea PB offers for steaming milk, or play with different levels of programmable pre-infusion. Get more familiar with a new tool for baristas: the flowmeter pulse.

Even if you just happen to be passing through the neighborhood, feel free to stop by for a quick espresso made on the Linea PB.

The Linea Classic has always been a friend to baristas everywhere. Come get acquainted with the Linea PB; we’re sure you’ll make fast friends.

1553 NW Ballard Way
Seattle, WA 98107
206-706-9104 x124

Best Photo of the Week!

Kent Bakke just received this photo, via text, from Daymond Jordan. We think it’s pretty awesome.

Daymond Jordan restores old La Marzocco machines, under the company Old School Espresso. He can be reached at daymondjordan (at) me (dot) com or at 206-619-7744.


Thank You Terry and Kelly, and a hearty Congratulations!

A few words from our CEO, Kent Bakke:

I would like to give a formal and sincere tribute to Terry Z (as he is most famously know) for all the contributions that he has made to our world of espresso coffee. Terry has been a long time creative energy in providing leadership, innovation, passion and invention. His company, Espresso Parts, has been a valuable source for exotic, custom espresso machine creations, spare parts, coffee expertise and an often driving force in supporting a myriad of coffee activities. I would be remiss without also acknowledging is dear partner and wife, Kelly. Together they created a special place and special family in Espresso Parts. On behalf of many of us in the industry, Thank You Terry and Kelly and a hearty Congratulations! I am proud to be counted among your many friends.”

My best, Kent Bakke

Reverse+Rewind: La Marzocco Out of the Box Berkeley

Ok folks… it’s been way over a month since La Marzocco Out of the Box took the Bay Area by storm and, finally, here it is, a pictorial and cinematographical review of the event.

Flickr images here

A short music video summary of Out of the Box featuring LM USA’s very own, Luke Steitz, in his hip hop group Token Folk.

Complete video of the keynote presentation, with presentation by Chris Baca, welcome by Kent Bakke, and the keynote by Jerry Baldwin.

STRADA Global Debut @ Caffe Culture/WBC

Going to SCAE’s Caffe Culture next week? Be sure to check out the official unveiling of the new STRADA pressure profiling espresso machines and Vulcano grinders next Wednesday, June 23 @ 3pm at Stand K100. Presented by none other than Kent Bakke!



Classic La Marzocco Collection

Kent keeps a large private collection of antique espresso machines, including, of course, La Marzoccos, La San Marocos, Gaggia, La Pavoni, and more. Recently, we’ve moved some of them out of storage for safekeeping in the warehouse. Some of the more interesting machines are now on display in our future showroom. Here’s a small sample:

La Marzocco Vulcano, produced 1968-80. Awarded the “Decorative and Industrial Arts” prize at the 24th Triennale di Milano exhibition.
Below: 3 group La Marzocco Mondial “2” Series, produced 1953-58.