Dutch Bike Co.

The Dutch Bike Co. quietly opened up their new location earlier this week, just a block away from our office here in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Situated in the newly remodeled, and now urban industrial chic, old Kolstrand building on Ballard Ave, the shop combines a bike shop with coffee (and a GB/5):

Serving Lighthouse coffee, the baristas seem to have a blast every time we visit. They also carry special macaroons and Bluebird ice cream (and ice cream sandwiches!).

If you’re not familiar with the Dutch Bike Co., they retail some very nice urban/Euro city bikes such as:

  • Workcycles
  • Bakfiets
  • Linus
  • Civia

And by “city” bike, I don’t mean NYC “city” bike, which is another name for mass produced, beat up mountain bikes used mostly for delivering food:

But rather this:

The saddle tilt in this picture is quite disturbing, actually.

The Other London Cafes

During WBC London/Cafe Culture last month, this map must have come in handy for all those who attended and had time to explore. Sadly, I did not have the privilege nor luck of attending. So it was even more of a disappointment for me to see this from NY Times about London Bike Cafes(clearly, coffee and cycling takes up most of my attention span and non-work hours):

Look Mum No Hands in Shoreditch (photo from NY Times)

The cafes listed:

I have no idea as to the quality of coffee (or even espresso machine) they serve. However, the prospect of two of my favorite things in this world together in one place is enough to get me excited. Besides, I’ve always dared to dream to drink a cup of coffee while riding with no hands, screaming “look mum no hands!” (in a British accent, no less).

On the States side, there’s a handful of bike cafes (of course there can always be more). These are the ones that I know but please feel free to let me know of ones that I’ve missed.

If you cared about this to read the post this far, you’ve probably already have heard about Lance out of GC contention at TdF. Such being the case, two words: Go Schleck!

NYC Coffee

NYC is known for great food but their coffee was only as good as its urban fragrance exhibited in the subways during the peak summertime heat. That is, until in the recent years, when major roasters and key local coffee heroes paved the way for specialty coffee.

This is, of course, not news. But I am here to show you some delicious pictures of coffee and food from our adventures in NYC during LMOOB NYC last month:

Unfortunately it was only last weekend that the super upscale (read: expensive) cycling clothing brand Rapha opened their “pop up” store on Bowery. Filled with various cycling memorabilia and paraphernalia (wake up, Eddie Merckx fans!), the store is also interesting that they’re streaming Tour de France live (what better way to watch 60 pro riders fall all over spilled motor oil?) AND they have a built in coffee shop, courtesy of Third Rail Coffee and Stumptown. So next time you’re in Manhattan and want a pair of Team Issue Bib Shorts to go along with your cortado, swing by Rapha on 352 Bowery.

Of course there are a number of other notable coffee establishments in NYC but, due to limitations in time, I wasn’t able to swing by (Joe, Bluebird), forgot to take pictures (Blue Bottle, Gimme, Grumpy), or wasn’t open just yet (Caffetteria).

Lastly, what better way to end this mini slide show with the 3 amigos singing and playing guitars on #7 en route to Queens?

Crema Cycles

This was sent in by our friends in Europe. If you have, or are willing to, spend over $3k on a bike, chances are you have heard of Independent Fabrications, the famed custom bike builder. Even if you already have a nice bike or have just recently bought one (like I have), IF bikes are still one of those bikes you will always uncontrollably drool over, in a Pavlovian sort of way.


So it was with great out of saddle excitement to see Creme Cycles, the dealer for IF bikes in Germany, in a video featuring the La Marzocco GS/3 (at 1:45):

“We are very serious about our coffee… We work really hard to come up with a blend that has the right taste, the right balance, the right body. It’s the same thing with building a custom frame. You just gotta come up with the right combination that comes over into the art, the passion, and the culture of it.”


What Can Be Better? Bikes and Coffee!

Mojo Bicycle Cafe in SF

Mojo Bicycle Cafe is a bike shop and coffee bar! Featuring a La Marzocco Linea pulling De La Paz‘ espresso. Also brewing Ritual on drip. They carry Felt, Swobo, Jamis, Rock Lobster, and Kona bikes. They pull a mean shot, especially for a place that’s not 100% specialized in coffee.

Bikes and coffee go very well together. We need more of these kind of shops people!

Can Somebody Put an Espresso Machine on a Bike?