Menu Overview: Olympia Coffee Roasting Company

As we embrace the beginning of fall here in the Pacific Northwest, we are thrilled to have a resident at the La Marzocco Cafe that shares the seasons with us – Olympia Coffee Roasting Company. As long time friends and partners of La Marzocco, it’s an honor to host them in Seattle. Olympia has exclusively used our espresso machines since the company began, and for its residence, all espresso drinks will be made on our Strada AV. Guests are invited to line up at the machine and explore the menu. Read on for some of the highlights!


There are two espresso options on the menu, including Olympia’s primary espresso, Sweetheart. Sweetheart is a rotating, seasonal single origin coffee. Sam Schroeder, co-owner of Olympia Coffee points out that, “Sweetheart intentionally does not try to achieve a consistent flavor profile, but rather provides our guests with a seasonal variety of flavors specific to a given moment.” The Sweetheart concept is one way the company implements its overall goal of “Quality Coffee and Quality of Life.” Schroeder goes on to explain, “If we feature a farmer’s coffee as Sweetheart Espresso, we can buy over 10 times as much coffee from that farmer than if we were to feature it as filter coffee alone. This has the ability to create much stronger bonds with farmers and improve quality of life at origin.” The current version of Sweetheart Espresso is from the Kirinyaga District of Kenya, where the coffee has grown on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. It’s a dynamic espresso with flavors of citrus, caramel and berry.

Pour Over Coffee

Rotating throughout the residence is Olympia’s full offering of single origin coffees, brewed via pour over. There are five options offered daily with a Barista’s Pick based on what our baristas are loving that day. Though it does offer a blend to wholesalers, Olympia’s retail menu is very focused on single origins. Schroeder explains, “We do an immense amount of work with farmers to source and develop specific coffees. For example, I think of the coffees we have from Ricardo Ariz, four specific coffees from one farm in El Salvador. These coffees are so intentional and dynamic on their own and we want to present them in their pure form.” All four of Ricardo Ariz’s coffees will be available during Olympia’s residence. We recommend trying them all to experience the variations in coffee even from within the same farm.

Cold Coffee

Olympia has two selections on tap daily – refreshing cold coffee and smooth nitro cold coffee. Both are currently made with Olympia’s Kenya Kirinyaga Sweetheart. Or, try Olympia’s bottled options – one made with an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and the other, Olympia’s Big Truck Organic Blend. While the coffees in Big Truck change with the seasons, its flavor profile of sweet chocolate and ripe berries remains the same. The current blend is created with Direct Trade Colombia San Fermin Organic and Ethiopia Adisu Kindane Natural Organic.

Ice Cream Drinks

We’ve teamed up with Molly Moon’s for another month of sweet coffee and ice cream creations. Try a Nitro Float, an Espresso Milkshake, or an Affogato. All are made with the perfect ratio of Olympia coffee to Molly Moon’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.


We’ll be brewing tea from Rishi Tea for Olympia’s residence. The tea menu has a nice selection of black, green, herbal and oolong teas. Other than with a warm cup of coffee, we can’t think of a better way to welcome the fall season than with a comforting mug of Rishi Earl Grey.


Try a sampling of Olympia’s coffee’s as folks from their team will be hosting our weekly Friday Coffee Tastings at 10 AM for the duration of their residence. Here’s what’s coming up in the next three weeks:

  • Friday, September 22: Shared Terroir, Explore four distinct coffees from one farm

Presented by Sam Schroeder, Director of Education, 2015 NW Barista Champion

  • Friday, September 29: Processing and its role in coffee’s flavor

Presented by Honor Forte, Director of Sales, 2014 NW Brewer’s Cup Champion

  • Friday, October 6: Varietals, from classics to the exotic

Presented by Sam Schroeder, Director of Education, 2015 NW Barista Champion

We’ll be serving Olympia Coffee’s menu through October nine. To see the full coffee and tea menus head here.

La Marzocco Cafe News: September – Thank you Coffee Supreme and Olympia Coffee Preview

With just a week left in Coffee Supreme’s residence at the La Marzocco Cafe, there is still a lot of good coffee to experience and two big events not to miss!

In addition to their current line-up of coffee, Supreme has introduced a Limited Blend for the last two weeks of their residence. With notes of orange, black currant and cacao, it is made to be brewed as espresso and we recommend trying it as a pure shot or in an elegant cappuccino.

Together with Coffee Supreme and Cafe Imports, we will be hosting the 2017 United States AeroPress Championship at the Cafe this Wednesday, September 6. It will be an evening of intense competition as the competitors battle for the United States title and a trip to Seoul, Korea to compete in the World Championships. We’d love to have a huge crowd cheering them on – spectator tickets are still available for just one dollar and include complimentary coffee and beer. Hope to see you there!

Then on Friday, September 8, join us and the crew from Supreme as they host a final “Supreme Meets” at the Cafe from 8-10 AM. Bring a friend and enjoy a morning of good company, coffee and toast – on the house!

As their residence comes to a close, we send our sincere thanks all the way down to New Zealand and Australia where Coffee Supreme calls home. We know it takes the effort of many hands to launch a residence and we want each one to know how much we appreciate the hard work. We specifically want to thank Al Keating, Douglas Johns, Sophie Evans, Patrick Janowicz, and Jonny Calder. From providing countless details to training our staff, haggling with US customs and traveling across the globe, you are all legends! It’s been a pleasure serving your coffee and representing the fun and hospitable company that is Coffee Supreme.

Heading towards fall, we are delighted to welcome our friends from Olympia Coffee Roasting Company as our next Resident beginning September 12! With several cafe’s across the city serving their beans, Olympia Coffee is no stranger to Seattle. Their residence at the Cafe however, will serve as somewhat of a sneak-peak into October, when they are scheduled to open their first location outside of Olympia right here in West Seattle. From Olympia:

“Since our inception we have exclusively used La Marzocco espresso machines. Their commitment to the highest quality and innovation in coffee aligns perfectly with our company. We partner directly with coffee farmers to generate beautiful coffees and are thrilled by the opportunity to share those coffees and stories directly with the community in Seattle.”

 As a company, Olympia attests that they are, “devoted to improving the quality of life for their coffee farmers, staff and customers through a passion for sourcing, roasting and brewing the finest coffees from around the world.” This passion has lead them to win a plethora of awards since opening in 2005, including Roast magazine’s Micro Roaster of the Year in 2013.

Co-owners Oliver Stormshak and Sam Schroeder will be present along with several other team members for Olympia’s launch party on Friday, September 15th. All are welcome to join for an fun evening of coffee community and music as local Pacific Northwest band Math and Physics Club will take the stage. Light snacks, drinks and Olympia coffee will be served. Head here for all the launch party details.

Each week of their residence, Olympia will host our Friday Coffee Tastings at 10 AM. The following is a breakdown of what will be presented each week:

September 15 – Roast Profiles

Oliver Stormshak, Green Coffee Buyer and Master Roaster


September 22 – Shared Terroir, Explore four distinct coffees from one farm

Sam Schroeder, Director of Education, 2015 NW Barista Champion


September 29 – Processing and its role in coffee’s flavor

Honor Forte, Director of Sales, 2014 NW Brewer’s Cup Champion


October 6 – Varietals, from classics to the exotic

Sam Schroeder, Director of Education, 2015 NW Barista Champion


These tastings are free and open to anyone who would like to join!

Be sure to come by the Cafe if you have not yet experienced Coffee Supreme’s menu, or to pick up some of their signature merchandise – barista socks, t-shirts and mugs! We will continue to serve their menu through September 11 and then we welcome Olympia Coffee on September 12.