La Marzocco Cafe News – September: A thank you Campos, and Counter Culture Preview

For the month of August our staff and guests to the La Marzocco Cafe have been delighted with the coffees and menu items offered by Campos Coffee of Sydney, Australia. As our fourth Roaster in Residence in our monthly changing line-up, we want to say thanks to the entire Campos team for a successful and seamless month. Campos provided Seattleites, and those who traveled from beyond, a true representation of the Australian coffee scene with their high-quality coffees, toast, and signature affogato.


Looking ahead to September, we are pleased to welcome Counter Culture Coffee as our next Roaster in Residence! Headquartered in Durham, NC, Counter Culture focuses on sourcing quality coffee, roasting, sustainability and education. Counter Culture does not operate their own cafes, but offer exemplary coffee education and support to their wholesale partners and to the public by operating training centers that span 11 cities across the country.


Counter Culture’s residency at the La Marzocco Cafe is shaping up to be filled with fun events, education, and special guests. They will be hosting a launch party on Wednesday, August 31st where they will be introducing themselves and sharing free coffee with the Seattle community.  As an extension of what they do in their training centers, representatives from Counter Culture will be hosting Friday Tastings each week at 10 am. One of their featured coffees, Idido, comes from a small village in Ethiopia where Counter Culture has been purchasing and forming relationships for a decade. Special guests will arrive throughout the month including USBC Champions Lem Butler (2016), Laila Willbur (2014), Katie Carguilo (2012) and the 2013 World Brewers Cup Champion Erin McCarthy. Each will be serving the signature drink/brew method that won them their title.


For the past 20+ years, Counter Culture has strived to build their business with a continued focus on sustainability. In their 2015 Transparency Report, Counter Culture Founder and President, Brett Smith states, “As part of our efforts to build a business through the lens of sustainability we first made it a part of our vision statement. By clearly stating, “Counter Culture is committed to real social, environmental and fiscal sustainability” we made it real. From the supply chain, to the building materials used in our facilities, to employee benefits, we have tried to filter our decisions through the sustainability lens.”

By sharing their Transparency Report, Counter Culture holds itself accountable to push for environmental, fiscal and social improvements. In the report, they share details such as their annual carbon offset, Free On Board pricing, dollars donated to employees to support their own sustainability projects, and set goals for future years–a degree of transparency that is unique in the coffee industry. To read more about it, go to the sustainability section on their website.


Counter Culture takes over the cafe beginning Tuesday, August 30th. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more details as they emerge!

Thanks again to Campos Coffee for the huge effort that was put into making their residency a success. We’ll be serving their menu through Monday, August 29th.

Photo Menu: Campos Coffee

Last week we welcomed Campos Coffee from Sydney, Australia as our fourth Roaster in Residence to the La Marzocco Cafe in Seattle. Owners Will Young and Raf Bartkowski are long-time partners of La Marzocco; they opened their first cafe in 2002 with a 3-group Linea Classic. Today, Campos has eight company-owned cafes, and wholesales their coffee to 300 cafes throughout Australia. They are already winning over Seattle coffee lovers with their menu options, high-quality coffees, and commitment to creating a positive experience for every guest.


When navigating Campos’s menu, guests will see some options they may not be used to. For a shot of espresso, order a “Short Black” and for an Americano a “Long Black.” A Piccolo Latte has a single shot of espresso, like a macchiato, but has more steamed milk and is served in a 4.5 oz glass. A debate over the differences between the Australian Flat White and the Cappuccino rages on, but this month you’ll be able to try the two side by side and draw your own conclusions as they are both on the Campos menu.


Brew ratios for espresso and espresso-based beverages during Campos’s residency are quintessentially Australian. Espresso brewed as a Short Black or for other espresso-based beverages is prepared with 23 grams of dry coffee in the portafilter, with a target brew ratio of 1:1.7 (by comparison, Italian cafes prepare espresso with 5-7 grams of coffee in the portafilter). Campos’s Long Black is prepared with a brew ratio closer to 1:1, yielding a thick, striking crema on the top of the beverage.

Campos uses their signature Superior Blend in all their milk beverages as well as for espresso, and has a rotation of single-origin coffees that are used for espresso and filter coffee. No matter the drink, Campos is committed to quality and they are being rewarded for it. Most recently, Coffee Review gave them the top score in a comparison of single-origin coffees from around Australia. Campos’ Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Goro scored a 94 and is available to order during their residence at the cafe.


Perhaps one of Campos’ most endearing offerings is their Barista Kids Menu. When asked how this came about Bartkowski explained, “We noticed a lot of moms coming into our cafes, so to keep their kids occupied, we’d make them special drinks. Many times we even give these to kids for free. It lets people with kids know they are welcome. It’s crazy popular.” The Kids menu includes a Babycino (steamed milk with cocoa powder), hot chocolate, and iced chocolate.


For the kid in everyone, Campos is offering their signature drink, the Affogato, all month long. They’ll be served with one of three ice cream flavors including Toasted White Chocolate made exclusively for La Marzocco Cafe by Portland’s beloved Salt & Straw.


Finally, to go along with their drinks, guests will find several savory food options popular in Australia such as pork meat pie (La Marzocco Cafe’s version is made by the London Plane), smashed “avo” toast and Vegemite toast. Vegemite is a dark, savory and salty spread that is very nutritious and according to Bartkowski. It is the most popular choice in Campos’s cafes.


Campos’s menu will be featured at the La Marzocco Cafe until August 29th. Check out their full menu here and be sure to stop by!