Announcing the La Marzocco Café and Showroom in Seattle

Today we are thrilled to announce the opening of the La Marzocco café and showroom. Located inside KEXP’s New Home at Seattle Center (472 1st Ave N), the café and showroom will serve as a platform for showcasing the breadth and diversity of specialty coffee today.


SKB_La MArzocco_3820_small

Photo credit, Jeremy Bittermann.

What makes our café most unique is a rotating lineup of partners and roasters in residence. Each month, a new coffee partner will have the opportunity to refashion the café in their vision. They will recreate the menu, retrain our team, and can even reconfigure equipment and bar flow to reflect their vision for the café. Essentially, the café will relaunch as something fresh and new once each month.

Today we launch with Stumptown Coffee Roasters as our first resident. In the year ahead, our partners in residence are slated to include a wide diversity of global and US specialty coffee brands, including G&B Coffee, Buna (Mexico City), Campos Coffee (Sydney, Australia), Counter Culture Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, Panther Coffee, Pilot Coffee Roasters, Cat & Cloud, Coffee Supreme (Wellington, New Zealand), and Heart Coffee Roasters.

In addition, the La Marzocco café and showroom will also serve as a learning destination for coffee enthusiasts. The Espresso Lab invites guests to work hands on with our team to explore our range of home espresso machines and accessories, participate in home barista classes, and other educational coffee programming. The La Marzocco Home Espresso Lab represents the first public space dedicated to teaching the art of espresso to consumers.

The La Marzocco café and showroom is located within a new community arts destination on the Seattle Center campus: KEXP’s New Home. In a city that is known for both coffee and music, the opportunity to collocate with an iconic music-oriented arts organization was a natural fit. Hosting more than 500 live performances each year, visitors to KEXP will have the opportunity to explore and discover both coffee, and music – all within the same place.

SKB_La MArzocco_4006_small

Photo credit, Jeremy Bittermann.

In the coming months, we’ll share the stories behind the development of the café here, and in social media. Stay tuned, and follow along on Instagram and Twitter at @lamarzoccocafe!

If you find yourself in Seattle, come join us for coffee. The café is open daily – Monday through Saturday 7am-8pm, Sunday 8am-3pm.

The True Artisan Cafe once again returns to SCAA Expo

We’re very excited for our special line up of roasters for Expo in Atlanta, GA. The event kicks off Friday, April 15. The True Artisan Cafe exists for a very simple purpose: to bring our partners together to celebrate La Marzocco espresso equipment and to share amazing coffees with all who attend the trade show.

2016 is bound to be a banner year for the True Artisan Cafe. We’ve made some adjustments to the programming, and thus we will have 52 roasting companies sharing their coffee through the course of the show.

In years past, the coffee bars have featured only espresso. However, taking note from the great experience we had back in the fall during the New York Coffee Festival, we’re introducing a wider range of beverages in our booth. Each of our roasting partners will be presenting a menu of drinks they have chosen. This will include milk beverages, with milk provided by Alabama’s Best Organic Dairy.

We’ve also challenged our roasting partners to develop tasty, but simple signature beverages. The trade show hours have increased for 2016, making this a marathon, not a sprint. We love espresso, but sometimes you need something else. This year, the True Artisan Cafe will have you covered.

As part of a special feature for 2016, we are introducing the New Roasters Showcase. From 12:30 to 1:30 PM on Friday and Saturday, we will be doubling up our bars to give you a chance to taste coffee from some of the newest and most exciting roasting operations in the United States. Each pairing of roasters will share an espresso machine and work together to give you an exciting and unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

La Marzocco is booth number 1221 in Atlanta. We hope you can join us for this epic celebration of great espresso and wonderful people.


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