NWRBC: La Marzocco’s own, Sarah Dooley

Have to say, we are pretty excited for this weekend. Our own, Sarah Dooley, will be competing in the Northwest Regional Barista Competition. To our knowledge it’s the first time a competitor has competed on behalf of an espresso machine company, versus a roaster. Read more…


Coffee Common X NYC

From January 19th through 22nd, Coffee Common held their first public event in North America at A Startup Store in Chelsea. A selection of the world’s best baristas gathered to make delicious coffee and help people understand how they can too. Demand for quality coffee is on the rise, but a market filled with strange devices and alien vernacular can sometimes be intimidating. Read more…


What does this group have in common?

They NOW all know how to use a multimeter(!!!). Read more…


La Marzocco supports the Good Food Awards

The Good Food Awards “celebrates the kind of food we all want to eat: tasty, authentic and responsibly produced.” This year’s Awards Ceremony will be held in the iconic Ferry Building in San Francisco. Read more…


TNTNW, Zoka Coffee

Thursday, December 29th Zoka Coffee House

The warm brown of Zoka Coffee & Tea – Tangletown, along with the simple glow of 3 group Linea, set a brilliant stage for the hours to come. Live DJ, super inviting barista’s, serious (sometimes silly) judges, a pretty gnarly supply of dairy and espresso moved the night along very quickly. Read more…


2012 Challenge: 365 Days of Brewing, Tasting & Telling

We are all from different areas of the world, drinking coffee during different seasons and with various flavors. Our challenge to you (and ourselves!) is to taste and post for 365 days straight on our Facebook page. Read more…