Out of the Box Berkeley: You’re Invited!

Here is the official invite to our upcoming Out of the Box Berkeley. Well, actually no invites are needed to attend. It’s all free and open to all in the industry and friends. No RSVP needed.

Click here or the images below to download the PDF.

More detailed event schedule to be posted. Stay tuned….

OMG Our Website is Finally Updated!!

Finally, we’ve gotten around to make our website a little less looking like something from the early ’90s to something a little bit more recent… like within this decade.

Alas! Feast your eyes on our newly updated website. Wonderfully free of Javascript, html 5, or Flash, it’ll make you yearn for the simpler Internet of yesteryear (just be glad we didn’t make the website on Geocities).

SEE….. Wonderfully made front page JPEG banners!

READ….. About the new Marco products we are carrying!

DOWNLOAD….. All of our manuals, parts diagrams, and troubleshooting guides!

KNOW….. Who to contact for whatever questions you may have!

VISIT….. www.lamarzoccousa.com

Sometime next year, we’ll have a real website, with online parts ordering, forums, etc. We’re not slow… just waiting for the html 5 vs. Flash debacle to pan out.

Songwa Estates, Tanzania, Africa

Several years ago, La Marzocco, Probat, and Mahlkonig came together to work with an estate farm in Tanzania for the purpose of exposing the quality, challenges, hard work, and respect that are involved in growing quality coffee to those in consuming countries. The result is Songwa Estates in Tanzania. While the more well-known coffee producing African countries is just to its neighboring north, Tanzania does produce respectable, though underrated, coffees and promises vast growth/development potential, especially in the Great Rift Valley.

Other than producing quality coffee, Songwa Estates offers the In-Depth Coffee Program in which visitors are educated and invited to partake in process of coffee cultivation. It is designed to be pre-packaged, all inclusive trip so you have fewer things to worry about. For more information, click on the image below.

Mark Your Calendars!

Mark your calendars because the Bay Area is the place to be in January 2011!

Satisfy your taste buds with the Good Food Awards (Jan 14-15) and eat the best in:

  • Beer
  • Charcuterie
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Pickles
  • Preserves

If you’re familiar with the Slow Foods event in SF a couple years ago, this is very similar. As the name suggests, Good Food Awards will award the best amongst all the leading names in specialty coffee as well as a number of quality newcomers. LM USA will be providing the equipment for the Friday awards event and the Saturday Marketplace.

On Jan 18-19, we will host the next Out of the Box at the Marsh in Berkeley, CA. If you’re familiar with the 2008 WRBC, this is the same place.

Out of the Box is designed to bring together the regional coffee community to learn & share coffee knowledge, showcase new products/services, and, of course, party! This will be an action packed, two day event, featuring not just La Marzocco, but many other leading names in all aspects of the coffee industry as well. Download the overview PDF here.

More info to come.