SF, etc.

Haven’t been to SF in several months and how exciting the coffee scene has gotten since! First, Four Barrel has really upped their single origin bar, a smaller bar separate from their main coffee bar dedicated to a more personal approach to making and presenting coffee to the consumer. Here the barista prepares espresso (via a prototype, espresso-only La Marzocco Shot Brewer they’re field testing for us) or pourover from a list of SO coffees. The utmost attention and care is taken with every single drink while the barista has the opportunity to answer any questions about the coffee the customer may have. Wait time is secondary to quality. With such dedicated attention to SO coffees, this setup has helped to double their whole bean and increase their merch sales. If you’re in town, drop by for Four Barrel’s 2nd anniversary party. Happening tonight in the Mission.

Mathew makes a Hario pourover on the dedicated SO coffee bar

Merch wall and LM’s prototype espresso-only Shot Brewer

Down the street, Ritual has a new deliciously tangy espresso, called the Double Rainbow. Consisting of Costa Rican, Guatemalan, and Kenyan coffees, it was a nice espresso to have first thing in the morning. Further up in SOMA, Sightglass is inching forward in their grand build out of their new roastery/cafe. They are now officially roasting and serving their own coffees on their vintage La Marzocco GS/2. If things go according to plan, they’re set to open sometime Nov-Dec.

Heidi and Archie making my spro

This was a quick, last minute trip so I didn’t get to visit many of my other favorites in the city. Next January, however, will be a different story, when La Marzocco will be hosting OUT OF THE BOX SF(ish). Stay tuned for more info.


Back in April, we had mentioned that we will be hosting an OUT OF THE BOX event in SF around September. Well, time sure does fly. Due to a variety of factors – including finding an appropriate venue and our attendance of Coffee Fest in October – we have decided to move the event to January 2011:

La Marzocco OUT OF THE BOX SF(ish)
January 18-19, 2011
Berkeley, CA

Activities will be similar to (and also more extensive than) OUT OF THE BOX NYC. As we work to work out the details, please stay tuned for future updates.

Yeah, We’re Doing Coffee Fest

After SCAA in April and LMOOB NYC in June, we’re pretty toast for tradeshows and events for the year, especially when there’s so few of us here at LM USA. But when it’s right in your backyard, it’s hard to say no. Such is the case with Coffee Fest Seattle. So, ladies and gents, mark your calendars for:

October 29-31, 2010

In addition to espresso machines, we will officially showcase a new line of coffee equipment. Details to come.

If you plan on attending, register for FREE by Oct 10 or save $20 thereafter by using this our complimentary invite code: 59173

Dutch Bike Co.

The Dutch Bike Co. quietly opened up their new location earlier this week, just a block away from our office here in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Situated in the newly remodeled, and now urban industrial chic, old Kolstrand building on Ballard Ave, the shop combines a bike shop with coffee (and a GB/5):

Serving Lighthouse coffee, the baristas seem to have a blast every time we visit. They also carry special macaroons and Bluebird ice cream (and ice cream sandwiches!).

If you’re not familiar with the Dutch Bike Co., they retail some very nice urban/Euro city bikes such as:

  • Workcycles
  • Bakfiets
  • Linus
  • Civia

And by “city” bike, I don’t mean NYC “city” bike, which is another name for mass produced, beat up mountain bikes used mostly for delivering food:

But rather this:

The saddle tilt in this picture is quite disturbing, actually.

Summer BBQ’in

Summer is about grilling grotesque amount of meats with disproportionally unhealthy amount of vegetables, mostly for color contrast. I think our friends at La Marzocco Italy has our company grill here easily beat, hands down.

La Marzocco Italy calls Scarperia (just 5 min away from downtown Florence) home, which is nice because not only do they have a huge patio for company BBQ, they also have a nice view of Ferrari’s test race track.

Yes, Tuscans do love meat.