Strada and the Blog

The new Strada, in its late stage prototype form, has made three public appearances now (OUT OF THE BOX MILAN, SCAA Anaheim, OUT OF THE BOX NYC) and it has drawn a bit of attention. The latest is from the blogs at and New York Times:

RISTRETTO | Oliver Strand – Strada

GIZMODO.COM | Matt Buchanan – La Marzocco Strada is Your Barista’s New Wet Dream Machine

We greatly appreciate press coverage like this, not only in a self serving way, but also in that it’s always nice to see mainstream media pays attention to Third Wave coffee. Specialty coffee has been underserved in the mainstream media, when compared to microbrews and wine. And when it does get written up, it’s more often about overpriced drinks, Kopi Luwak, or features pictures of oily, over-roasted beans, rather than topics that truly encompass Third Wave coffee – farming communities/practices, micro-roasters, quality in the cup, art/science, and sustainability.

We also want to thank everybody who has made it out to OUT OF THE BOX and SCAA to check out the new Strada (especially for a product that is not even in production). You, the coffee community, have keen interests in having the best available tools to best showcase your coffees and we, as La Marzocco, always want to have the best of whatever available to you to help you to do so. As previously mentioned, pressure profiling may have varying effects on different coffees, and it requires a truly dedicated barista and an anxious palate to find out what works and what doesn’t. But when it does (more often than not, once you get the hang of it), you’ll be surprised at the vast degree of control you have over your espresso.

STRADA Global Debut @ Caffe Culture/WBC

Going to SCAE’s Caffe Culture next week? Be sure to check out the official unveiling of the new STRADA pressure profiling espresso machines and Vulcano grinders next Wednesday, June 23 @ 3pm at Stand K100. Presented by none other than Kent Bakke!



Out of Boxes NYC

Update 1: Check out LMOOB Flickr pics!

Update 2: Finally got all the logos. LMOOB thank you poster below.

A huge THANKS to all those attended the La Marzocco OUT OF THE BOX NYC last week! An an even bigger THANKS goes out to all of our sponsors, partners, and helpers! It wouldn’t have been possible without any of you.

As you’re either trying desperately to preorder the new iPhone 4 (has the preorder actually worked for anyone?) or making travel arrangements for WBC in London, let’s recap what went on last week…

Lizz from Stumptown checking out the Strada EP (Picture from Liz Clayton’s Flickr. Apparently WordPress doesn’t allow link in the caption box so here’s the link

Wednesday night was basically, how should I put it, a party featuring La Marzocco,MazzerEspresso PartsMarcoLiemcoBarista MagazineTampTamp, and MojoToGo. The turnout was great; just about everybody in the NE showed up (plus those who jetted in from far away).

The two Stradas were running on full steam as they were the main focal point at the party. There was a lot for people to discover and geek out on, considering all of the potentials in progressive pressure profiling and its affects on the espresso. It was an opportunity for people to get a firsthand preview of the machine. Of course, to really understand the full spectrum of benefits, you’d have to geek out for an hour or two simply because there’s quite a bit to wrap your head around. (For that, there were many separately arranged times on Wednesday and Thursday during which people had the opportunity to geek out more with their own coffees .)

A simplified pressure profiling calibration guide used at LMOOB.

Then there’s the Manual Brew Deathmatch, headed by Brian Ludviksen of Counter Culture and Vince Fidele of MojoToGo. Baristas battle head to head with the manual brew weaponry of their choosing. The resulting coffee is judged by MojoToGo (45%), taste (45%), and method (10%). Winners received LM “tool” bags, 1 year subscriptions to Barista Magazine, and coupons for complimentary downloads of MojoToGo iPhone app.

Manual Brew Deathmatch featuring the Marco Uberboiler (picture from Liz Clayton’s Flickr)

Manual Brew Deathmatch Results

People were pretty stoked that we had a bike hooked up to an espresso machine. The pressure profiling bike unfortunately suffered frequent chain derailments (we didn’t install a rear derailleur to sustain proper chain tension because it hanger broke) and so we sort of had to neglect it for the evening, especially since we were so understaffed.

To make the event even more interesting, there were tables featuring our sponsorsMazzerEspresso PartsBarista Magazine, and TampTamp. Mazzer grinders pretty much owned the place, with their grinders on just about every table. They also showed off a new (prototype?) antistatic grid for the exit chute. Meanwhile, Espresso Parts was running a merch table and Barista Magazine was giving away copies of the current issue. TampTamp showcased services they offered in the NYC area.

The main engineer behind the new Strada, Roberto Bianchi, gave a presentation on the Strada, followed by a captivating presentation by Vince Fidele on the basket project – the next frontier in espresso technology. With any luck you’ll be able to see some tangible (production) results before the year’s end.

Despite of all the hard labor that was involved (it was like the work of 4 tradeshows in half the amount of time!) and the fact that we were understaffed, the entire party turned out pretty well. Special thanks goes out to Ninth St. EspressoAddiction Espresso ServiceCounter Culture, and Stumptown for contributing in various but significant ways. Without them, the event would not be possible.

Crema Cycles

This was sent in by our friends in Europe. If you have, or are willing to, spend over $3k on a bike, chances are you have heard of Independent Fabrications, the famed custom bike builder. Even if you already have a nice bike or have just recently bought one (like I have), IF bikes are still one of those bikes you will always uncontrollably drool over, in a Pavlovian sort of way.


So it was with great out of saddle excitement to see Creme Cycles, the dealer for IF bikes in Germany, in a video featuring the La Marzocco GS/3 (at 1:45):

“We are very serious about our coffee… We work really hard to come up with a blend that has the right taste, the right balance, the right body. It’s the same thing with building a custom frame. You just gotta come up with the right combination that comes over into the art, the passion, and the culture of it.”